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Board Meeting Information

  • Board Meetings (open session) - The board meetings are held at 6:30 p.m. in the District Service Center at 3232 S. Brentwood Avenue.  Meetings are held on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month unless otherwise noted.  Meeting dates, times and locations are subject to change. 

    These meetings are open to the public.

    Board Meeting agendas, meeting minutes and audio/video can be found on:  BoardDocs: https://go.boarddocs.com/mo/webster/Board.nsf/Public  
    Meetings can be viewed at anytime by clicking on the 'Watch Video' button located on the meeting agenda.

    Executive Session (closed session) - The Board meets in closed session to discuss matters related to personnel, confidential student matters, legal issues, real estate or other items as designated by state statute.  These sessions are usually held immediately before or immediately after regular or workshop meetings and are not open to the public. 

    Public Comment (in-person) - Members of the audience may comment during the public comment portion of the meeting when recognized by the Board President.  Comments are to be limited to three minutes in order to complete the agenda within a reasonable time.  We also ask that comments begin by providing your name, address, and school in which you reside.  Public comments are not an open dialogue with the board or administrators.  Public comments are included in the meeting recording.

    Public Comment (written) - For anyone choosing to send a public comment rather than provide one in-person, please email it directly to Shari Meyers at meyers.shari@wgmail.org by 12:00 noon of the meeting date to be included in the agenda.  You may also mail a letter with your public comment to:  Webster Groves School District, 400 E. Lockwood Ave., St. Louis, MO 63119, Attn:  Shari Meyers

    Please note: You must indicate that your correspondence is a Public Comment and not for the correspondence log so it is included in the proper place on the agenda. Public comments are not read out loud and not responded to by the board.

    Correspondence Log - Community members may send an email to the board and superintendent with their questions or concerns.  Please address your correspondence to each member of the board and the superintendent.  The board and/or superintendent will respond.  If you wish to mail a letter to the board, please mail it to:  Webster Groves School District, 400 E. Lockwood Ave., 63119.  All correspondence will be entered into our correspondence log and added to the meeting agenda for public viewing.  Correspondence (dialogue between the community member and the board and/or superintendent) received by 12:00 noon of the meeting date will be included in the correspondence log on the meeting agenda.  Correspondence containing personal information will not be added to the correspondence log.  The email address for the board members and superintendent are listed below:

    Jo Doll, doll.jo@wgmail.org (Board President)

    Christine Keller, keller.christine@wgmail.org (Board Vice President)

    David Addison, addison.david@wgmail.org (Board Secretary)

    Alexander Kahn, kahn.alexander@wgmail.org (Board Director)

    Kita Quinn, quinn.kita@wgmail.org (Board Director)

    Tara Scheer, scheer.tara@wgmail.org (Board Director)

    Allen Todd,  todd.allen@wgmail.org (Board Director)

    John Simpson, simpson.john@wgmail.org (Superintendent)