• WGHS Class of 2022 Senior Check-out
    Friday, May 6
    10:20 – 3:25 p.m.
    Multi-purpose Room (1st floor)

    Senior Finals Week:  May 3-6
    All days are A Days


    Senior Finals Week and Check-out Procedure*:

    1. Students will receive a check-out sheet/exit slip on Monday morning, May 2, during 1st period.
    2. Seniors will take their exams during their normal class periods. Each day is an A day to accommodate the testing schedule.  The schedule is as follows:

    May 3: 7th hour
    May 4: 5th/6th hour
    May 5: 3rd/4th hour
    May 6: 1st/2nd hour

    1. Finals are in reverse order to create a “tighter” structure during check-out week.  
    2. At the end of the period, after students take their final exam, teachers will sign the exit slip ONLY if the student has met their academic requirements to pass the course and all materials have been turned in.  If a student is in danger of failing or on the border, teachers will NOT sign the exit slip.  
    3. Students who still need to complete coursework or fulfill the academic requirement in a class can do so between May 9 - 20.  Students must make arrangements with teachers directly.  Students may also attend class to make up work on May 4-5 only at the teacher’s discretion.
    4. Once seniors complete each final and their classwork obligations, they will not attend that class for the remainder of the week. For example, the majority of seniors will only attend 7th hour on Monday and Tuesday, and will be released that hour for the remainder of the week. By Friday, most seniors will only attend 1st and 2nd hours.  

    How to Complete Your Exit Slip:

    1. Students will receive a check-out sheet/exit slip on Monday morning, May 2, 1st period.
    2. Obtain teacher signatures and return class materials.
      1. Teachers will only sign exit slips at the end of the last class period.  If a student is on the border/in danger of failing, teachers will not sign the exit slip.  
      2. Student must have all signatures prior to entering Senior Check-out on May 6.  Students who do not have all teacher signatures will be turned away.
    3. Anytime prior to May 6 or at Senior Check-out, seniors must:
      1. Complete Naviance.
      2. Pay cafeteria fines.
      3. Pay library fines.
    4. On Monday, May 2/Tuesday, May 3 ONLY during lunch periods:  Confirm Locker Cleanout.
      1. Clean out your locker as soon as you are finished using it.  Try to have it cleaned out before May 2 to avoid long lines for a signature and carrying your materials all afternoon.
      2. Several staff members will be assigned near the lockers to sign off on the exit slip after the locker has been visually inspected.
      3. If a student misses the locker cleanout times, it is the student’s responsibility to report to the AP office and ask for a visual inspection and signature.
    5. Occurs at Senior Check-out on May 6, 10:20 - 3:25 p.m.
      1. DO NOT COME RIGHT AT 10:20 a.m., otherwise there will be long wait times.  We encourage you to come anytime prior to 3:25 p.m.
      2. Pay miscellaneous fines
      3. Return all WGSD equipment/technology
      4. Obtain counselor’s signature to verify all graduation requirements have been met.
      5. Pick up cap/gown.  Once you have done so, you are not allowed to return to campus.

    *Please note:  The senior check-out process is subject to change.