Distance Learning at Hixson

  • Distance Learning at Hixson Middle School

    To stay in contact with teachers and receive announcements from school, students should regularly check their school email. All students received a lesson on email etiquette in September. To review this lesson, click here


    The main source of instruction is Google Classroom. This is the online platform that should be accessed for all assignments, due dates, or even possible instructional videos/resources that teachers provide. Teachers will share access to their Google classrooms. Lessons and learning activities will be posted by 8:30am Monday through Thursday. Friday is a day to make up any work missed throughout the week or weeks prior. Completing assignments on Google Classroom is required.


    Google Classroom is:

    Google Classroom is NOT:

    What students should access to find all of their assignments, due dates, resources, and to submit assignments once completed

    The only form of instruction; students should plan to join Zoom during class time when they need help with a certain class/assignment and can email teachers at any time


    As a supplement to Google Classroom, teachers will be providing students with access to a Zoom meeting. Zoom is not the main source of instruction. Google Classroom allows you to access your assignments and curriculum at a time convenient for you, in case you are not available during a specific Zoom class time (see schedule below). Zoom is primarily offered as face/interaction time with your teacher(s) in case you have a question about, need additional help on, or to review assignments, as well as time to interact with your classmates appropriately. Attending Zoom meetings IS NOT required, but available if you need help.


    Zoom is:

    Zoom is NOT:

    Time for students to interact with their teacher in real-time to review work or ask questions

    Time for teachers to teach a full lesson, in case several students are missing from Zoom

    Time for students to interact with their classmates appropriately and collaborate on assignments

    Time for students to play around and distract students who are trying to receive help from the teacher


    Zoom Schedule for Hixson Middle School

    Classes will meet every Monday and Wednesday. Teachers will post the link and password to the class’s zoom meeting in Google Classroom.  Although classes are only meeting in Zoom two days a week, lessons and activities will be posted on Google Classroom Monday-Thursday. 


    1st hour


    2nd hour


    3rd hour


    4th hour


    5th hour


    6th hour


    7th hour

    Teachers will also be holding daily office hours to respond to emails and conference individually with students. To find out when your teacher is holding office hours, click here.


    Remote Counseling Office at Hixson Middle School

    The counselors are available to meet via Zoom, email, or over the phone. Students should sign up for a visit the same way they do so during the school year. Go to the Hixson website - https://www.webster.k12.mo.us/Hixson - and click on “Contact a Counselor” under the picture. Counselors will utilize Tuesdays and Thursdays to hold group and individual sessions, but are available M-F 8:30-3:30, if needed.

    Contact a Counselor