Chelsea Detrick Memorial Scholarship 2021 Recipient

Ella Erb

    Ella graduated Magna Cum Laude and is attending the University of Missouri-Columbia in the fall to pursue a degree in animal sciences, followed by veterinary school.  She was a stellar student in the Chelsea Center's Personal Employment course and she has already earned 31 college credit hours through the Early College Program, where she attended St. Louis Community College—Meramec during her junior year to earn college credit and high school credit simultaneously.  She is excited to begin her journey of becoming a veterinarian.  Ella said, “I have always had a deep connection with animals, have been intrigued by the care for them, and fascinated by the process of healing animals.  All animals deserve our compassion, and I feel it is my calling.” 


Chelsea Detrick Scholarship 2020 Recipient

Rosalie Garzia

    Rosalie absolutely embodies the qualities outlined in the scholarship criteria: conscientious, hard-working, motivated, intelligent and admired by WGHS teachers for her attitude and personality. She is one of the most caring and genuine students. 

    During Rosalie’s time at WGHS, she participated in many experiential learning opportunities. The first was with St. Mary’s hospital. Even though she was too young to volunteer in all capacities, she made the most of her time there and continued until she met the age requirement. She developed a manual for future volunteers, complete with ideas on how to be involved and take initiative in service. 

    Afterwards, she participated in personal travel to Spain and France. The impact travel had on her worldview was reflected in her final presentation. She noted the differences in the way of life, architecture, art, and other cultural values. 

    During her senior year, the focus on service for Rosalie evolved. As an active member of the Interact Club - Rotary, she took on a leadership role for her peers. Often, Rosalie reached out to the Chelsea Center for service-learning ideas and ways to bring awareness to those in need. She even contacted a local organization that provides feminine products to Ethiopian girls, to come speak to students in the Chelsea Center. When the guest speaker arrived, Rosalie had an unforeseen academic obligation. She rushed to the Chelsea Center to make sure that everything went smoothly. Her passion for others to learn and serve was stronger than any recognition. 

    Rosalie will be attending Mizzou in the fall. We can’t wait to see the adult she will become!


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