• Givens Achievement Potential (GAP) Statement of Purpose


    WHO WE ARE: 


    We are concerned parents and caregivers of children who attend Dr. Henry Givens, Jr. Elementary School. In recent years, standardized test results from our school show an on-going disparity in learning for children of color, children with disabilities, and children impacted by poverty. These disparities are commonly referred to as the Achievement Gap. Studies show that poor educational achievement for children who are impacted by factors such as race, disability, and poverty can lead to lifelong consequences and unequal and unfavorable outcomes.


    The Givens Achievement Potential (GAP) Group seeks to identify, address, and redress factors contributing to the growing disparate educational outcomes for students in our school who are:


    • Students of Color
    • Students with IEPs/504 Plans
    • Students who qualify for free and reduced lunch


    We welcome those who share our goals to join us as we work to further develop and identify strategies to positively impact our school and community.