District Phone Numbers and Addresses

  • Ambrose Family Center
    222 W. Cedar Avenue, Webster Groves, MO 63119
    Phone: 314.963.6440 • Fax: 314.968.9259

    Avery Elementary
    909 N. Bompart Avenue, Webster Groves, MO 63119

    Phone: 314.963.6425 • Fax: 314.963.6490

    Bristol Elementary
    20 Gray Avenue, Webster Groves, MO 63119
    Phone: 314.963.6433 • Fax: 314.963.6438

    Clark Elementary
    9130 Big Bend Blvd., Webster Groves, MO 63119
    Phone: 314.963.6444 • Fax: 314.963.6446

    Edgar Road Elementary
    1131 Edgar Road, Webster Groves, MO 63119
    Phone: 314.963.6472 • Fax: 314.963.6477
    Givens Elementary
    701 N. Rock Hill Road, Rock Hill, MO 63119
    Phone: 314.963.6460 • Fax: 314.963.6471

    Hudson Elementary
    9825 Hudson Avenue, Rock Hill, Mo 63119
    Phone: 314.963.6466 • Fax: 314.963.6478

    630 S. Elm Avenue, Webster Groves, MO 63119
    Phone: 314.963.6450 • Fax: 314.918.4624

    Webster Groves High School
    100 Selma Avenue, Webster Groves, MO 63119
    Phone: 314.963.6400 • Fax: 314.963.6483

    Service Center
    3232 S. Brentwood Blvd.

    If your child is sick, please consult your school nurse for instructions regarding keeping him or her home from school.

    Adventure Club Before and After School Child Care
    Autumn Rempinski, Coordinator
    Human Resources, Dr. Sandy Wiley-Skinner, Assistant Superintendent
    961-1233 ext.10002
    Board of Education Meetings or Agendas, Shari Meyers 
    Parents as Teachers
    Chris Steger, 963-6440
    Facility Rental, Nicole Leigh
    Preschool (Walter Ambrose Family Center Preschool)
    Buildings and Grounds, Jason Mueller, Director 
    Public Information and Community Relations, Cathy Vespereny, Director 
    961-1233 ext.10006
    Bus Transportation
    Call your home school
    Learning Support Services, Tina Clark-Scott, Director
    918-4378 or 961-1233 ext.10009
    Business or Finance, Pamela Frazier
    Chief Financial/Operating Officer

    961-1233 ext.10020
    Special School District, Governing Council Rep., Alexander Kahn
    Learning, Dr. Jason Adams, Asst. Superintendent
    961-1233 ext.10008
    Special School District, Parent Advisory Committee
    J.J. Gossrau jjgossrau@gmail.com
    Rebecca O'Laughlin rebeccamichellelinz@gmail.com
    Early Childhood Education,
    Lauren Bielicki
    Special Education, Shantay Wakefield, Director
    Call the school or central office at 961-1233
    Sports, WGHS, Jerry Collins, Activities Director
    963-6400 ext.11955
    Technology, Bill Koulouriotis, Director
    State or Federally Funded Programs, Hollie Henderson
    Chartwell's School Dining
    963-6400 ext.11935
    Call your school principal
    Gifted Programs, Dr. Pam Washington, Coordinator
    918-4366 ext. 10918
    Webster Groves School District Foundation-Kristina Stuber
    961-1233 ext. 10006