• Student Written and Student Directed One Act Plays

    By far the best tradition we have in our department!


    Each Winter and Spring we accept scripts written by any student at WGHS, hoping to find the best student written One Act plays.

    We then host a night of the fully staged and rehearsed plays for a LIVE audience of students and parents.



    • All submissions go through critique and revisions before they are allowed to be presented. 
    • We hold a round of open auditions.
    • The shows are cast and either the writers become the directors or there are directors assigned to each one act play.
    • All plays are required to have a stage manager.​​

              We encourage ALL students to enter the contest...submit scripts to Mr Schaefer or Ms Pettey to be considered


    To see info & watch the PAST ONE ACT FESTIVALS 

    visit: http://wgpastoneacts.blogspot.com/2012/11/book-1.html