• RULES to remember...

    When writing a one act play

    for our Fall or Spring festivals: 

    • Write your play for 5 or less actors. 

    • Write your play to last for 10 minutes or less (Time it as you write it).

    • Write your play to be performed with minimal tech. 

    • Make sure you have the time to direct and rehearse the play with your cast.

    • Team up with someone on the project to have even more fun!

    • All directors must bring in a stage manager to be on book. 




    Technical support you will receive from the Department


    Stage: open 16 x 12 ft platform with steps to get up

    Lights: White full stage / full stage (red,green,and blue)

    Set: acting box / bench / bar / stools / chairs / small cafe table / doorway (no door)

    Costumes: You and your cast provide the costumes / we will help if you get stuck on specialty (character) stuff

    Props: You provide the props / they must all fit into a small paper box the night of the show

    Projection: available depending on the placement of the stage in the black box

    PR - posters are made / announcements / hallway monitors

    Rehearsals: ALL rehearsals are held OFF CAMPUS*

     *ONLY the "Check-in" (tech reh) and Final (full company) Dress Rehearsal

       are held in the Blackbox Theater with Mr Schaefer and the technicians  


    OTHER Information

    • The Festivals are held on one night in Dec and one night in May.
    • The tickets for these festivals are $7.00 for students and $10.00 for adults
    • There is usually one intermission and we encourage the attending audience stays for the entire festival.
    • No cameras or video allowed during the shows.
    • The department will archive a video of all plays available - website and Youtube channel