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    The three biggest things you probably aren't thinking about when you come into the room for  an audition, but should be.

    • We want you to be the one for the part.
    • We hope you do great & shake the nerves.
    • We want you to show us you want it bad!!!



    What you will need to do in order to prepare:

    Please READ THE SCRIPT for the show if you can. It is essential that you understand the story and characters.

    (If you can't get a script...use the internet to find synopsis, character descriptions, video clips, summaries etc.)

    Try to have a character in mind that you are wanting to go after in the show.

    (It is best to know your strengths and go for parts that you are able to play in the audition.)

    1.) Work on the physicality of the character you want to play. 

    2.) Work on the voice of the character. (Make it unique if you can)

    3.) Have fun with the character, and make strong choices. 

    4.) Bring something unique to your interpretaion of the lines, don't just read them.

    5.) Warm up your body and voice before the audition on your own and get focused!


    All actors will be given asides or cuttings* from the script's dialogue to read for the parts available.

    (If the cuttings are made available before the day of the audition...LOOK AT THEM)



    • Respect the audition process.
    • Respect the casting directors
    • Respect your fellow actors
    • Respect your stage manager

    Please don't ask for feedback on your audtion for at least a week after casting...you'll need that time to do personal reflection first.