• 9/14     Name: Rachel Lee

    Why They Rock:

    I would like to nominate Rachel Lee for Student Mathematician of the Week. I am disappointed that I had to wait until Rachel's senior year to have her in class. I can tell that she is a stellar student and is eager to learn. She has done a great job participating in our zoom classes and is always very focused. In the first few weeks of this semester, Rachel has completed all of her assignments which demonstrates her commitment to learning and desire for success in College Algebra. She advocates for herself when needed in a variety of ways. When I get an email asking for clarification from Rachel, more times than not, I already have a second email saying that she has answered her own question. This speaks to her persistence and effort.
    I look forward to seeing Rachel grow in her math knowledge this semester and getting to know her better.
    Nominated by: Susan Riegel

    9/8    Name: Morgan Lawrence

    Why They Rock: 

    I would like to nominate Morgan Lawrence for my mathematician student of the week.  In just a short amount of time, she has shown herself to be a very hard worker, a team player, and knows how to advocate for herself.  She is very patient.  Whenever I offer time at the end of class to ask any further questions, Morgan is always wanting to clarify things from either homework or notes.  She is not satisfied with simply “completing” the work.  She truly wants to understand the material.  I am looking forward to getting to know Morgan further and to see her progress through the semester.  

    Nominated by: Rebecca Freese


    8/31  Name:  Jada Swearengen

     Why They Rock: Jada has done a great job participating in every Zoom class we have had. She brings a positive energy to every class and is willing to work with everyone. She shares her thoughts and ideas on the mathematical concepts we cover and is not afraid to ask questions to better understand the material and to further her understanding of the work. Great job Jada, keep it up!

     Nominated by: Jessica Haskins