• 2/8/2021 Name: Qwame Miller

     Qwame is showing he is a highly capable student. He actively participates and volunteers his answers to share with the class. Qwame takes initiative when he knows he is not going to be present at school by asking for materials early. Cannot wait to see Qwame’s continued growth this semester!

    Nominated by: Courtney Jordan


    2/8/2021 Name: Finn Jeamougin

    Finn comes to class prepared and always participates.  He has even caught a couple mistakes that I have made that no one else did.

    Nominated by: Kevin Kovarik


    2/1/2021 Name: Alina Krejcarek

     Alina is mature and responsible and has had a great start for Term 3 in my math class. Alina is always prepared, asks good questions, completes her asynchronous work and is a pleasure to work with!

    Nominted by: Kristin Cole


    2/1/2021 Name: Oliver Doyle

     Oliver was an incredible asset to first semester AP Stats.  He participated every day and was many peers go-to-guy with questions while studying.  His positive attitude went a long way towards making the class enjoyable.

    Nominated by: Justin Mathes


    1/25/2021 Name: Gianni Ferentinos

    Gianni came to class everyday ready and hoping to learn something new. He tried every problem I threw at him, asked great probing questions, and shared his thoughts and ideas with the class on a daily basis. He also brought a positive vibe to our tiny class of 5 and this really helped to make his classmates feel comfortable to share their ideas too. You rock Gianni. I hope I get to teach you again in the future!

    Nominated by: Jessica Haskins


    1/25/2021 Name: Kristyn Morgenthaler:

     Kristyn was a calculus phenom last semester!  Her consistent effort, communication, and collaboration caused her to master a very challenging subject in extremely challenging circumstances.  I was continually wowed by Kristyn’s motivation and positive attitude as she aced AP Calculus! Kristyn is already a true mathematician and I’m so very proud of her.  

    Nominated by: Eric Dunn


    1/18/2021 Name: Addison Drace 

    Addison is one of the most polite and hardworking students I have ever had.  Being a virtual student, it can be difficult feeling comfortable to advocate and ask questions.  But, Addison never held back.  I could always count on her to ask thought provoking questions, jump in to answer questions that no one else felt comfortable to answer.  She was comfortable enough to call me out when I made silly errors!  I am disappointed I only got to teach Addison for one semester.  I know she’ll be successful moving forward.  Good luck next semester!

    Nominated by: Rebecca Frese


    1/18/2021 Name: Catalina Draney

     Cat is an amazing student!  She has such a positive attitude and impressive work ethic.  Cat engages in discussions, often asks insightful questions and consistently shows mastery of content.  She was a wonderful addition to the classroom and I know she will do well moving forward.

    Nominiated by: Jason Grote


    12/14 Name: Mia Phegley

    It has been a pleasure to have Mia in College Algebra this past semester. She is always ready to learn - virtually or in-person. She is kind and thoughtful, respectful of her classmates and teachers and is always prepared for class. She consistently has her homework completed, stays engaged in lessons during which she asks great questions. I can always count on Mia for an answer - something I particularly appreciate when teaching virtually. 

    I know Mia will finish her senior year strong and I appreciate her as a student. 

    Nominated by: Susan Riegel


    12/14 Name: Alyssa Rahn

    Alyssa exemplifies what it means to be a stellar math student. When confused she makes sure to ask a clarifying question. She always comes to class prepared and with her homework finished. She always has her zoom camera on and responds in the chat to engage in class. Most importantly, she brings a positive and resilient attitude to the classroom that pushes her to work hard on every task. These are things I wish every math student of mine would do. Her habits have allowed her to be successful in my class and I am sure they continue to carry her to greatness!

    Nominated by: Brennen Almus


    12/7 Name: RJ Henderson

    RJ is in online Algebra 2.   We all know math online can be difficult.  RJ is in class every day and doing what he needs to do to be successful!!  If RJ is unsure of how to do something, he does not hesitate to stay after class and get help.  He always has a positive spirit with a smile on his face!! I see good things in his future!! 

    Nominated by: Patti Perkins


    12/7 Name: Sloane Carfield

    In a virtual classroom, sharing your thoughts, voice, questions, etc. can be intimidating—especially as a 9th grader. Sloane has the incredible ability to be a paramount member of our online classroom. She has a positive attitude, asks excellent questions, and is always prepared to learn and be an involved leader. She encourages group discussion, anticipates new concepts by thinking outside of the box, and always has a smile on her face. Sloane has been a pleasure to teach and know this semester. Yay Sloane!

    Nominated by: Maddie Manougian


    11/30 Name: Emma Rohrs

    Emma is a rock star math student! She is always up for a challenge, and is quick to help her classmates during breakout rooms or tackle a problem on her own. She always gives thoughtful, well-articulated answers to whatever kinds of questions I ask. She participates daily in our class Zooms, and is reliable in completing her homework on time. Emma is focused, reliable, studious, kind and helpful – qualities that will lead to future success I’m sure! Keep up the great work Emma!

    Nominated by: Elizabeth Steckman


    11/23 Name: Marzel Whitehorn

    This is Marzel’s first year at Webster Groves High School, which can be intimidating.  Despite this, he participates, asks questions and works hard to make sure he is successful.  There is an actual curiosity to learn and to make sure he understands.  Marzel is a kind person who is easy to get along with and has made class more enjoyable for everyone. 

    Nominated by: Tim Levine


    11/16 Name: Ashton Ranch

    Ashton is new to our district, but that does not stop him from being his full self. He participates in our virtual class, verbally and in the chat. Ashton’s work is completed on time and questions are asked as needed. Can’t wait to meet him when he finally joins us in January.

    Nominated by: Courtney Jordan


    11/9 Name: Olivia Hotze

    Olivia has done a great job managing virtual geometry. She's great at completeing assignments, leading group work, and participating in class. Lookin forward to seeing her enthusaism in the classroom on a daily basis.

    Nominated by: Justin Mathes


    10/19 Name: Sam Becker

    Sam is kind, respectful, and a consistent hard worker in my math class.  I can always count on Sam to participate during lessons, ask good questions when working on assignments, and stay engaged during virtual learning with a positive attitude.  I appreciate him and hope he keeps up the great work!

    Nominated by: Kristin Cole


    10/5 Name: Audrey Swaine

    Why They Rock:

    Audrey is always willing to ask questions in class.  She clearly puts in a lot of work and brings a smile to every class.  Way to go Audrey!

    Nominated by: Kevin Kovarik


    9/28 Name: Kreighton Bluette

    Why They Rock:

    Kreighton has been a rock star in Intro to Calculus these past 4 weeks!  She’s willing to dive into every exploration or challenge with curiosity and positivity.  My favorite part of Kreighton, however, is that she has the courage to share her ideas with the class even when she’s not certain she is correct (though she typically is).  This class only works with mathematicians like Kreighton who use their mind AND their voice to explore and master new concepts and skills.  Can’t imagine this class without her. :-)

    Nominated by: Eric Dunn


    9/21 Name: Zander Smutz-Ulmer

    Why They Rock:

    Zander has jumped into the new school year (and a new school) with both feet.  He has readily engaged in daily lessons, consistently completes assignments and asks questions that deepens understanding not only for himself but his classmates.  He has been an integral piece to a successful start of the 2020-2021 school year.

    Nominated by: Jason Grote



    9/14     Name: Rachel Lee

    Why They Rock:

    I would like to nominate Rachel Lee for Student Mathematician of the Week. I am disappointed that I had to wait until Rachel's senior year to have her in class. I can tell that she is a stellar student and is eager to learn. She has done a great job participating in our zoom classes and is always very focused. In the first few weeks of this semester, Rachel has completed all of her assignments which demonstrates her commitment to learning and desire for success in College Algebra. She advocates for herself when needed in a variety of ways. When I get an email asking for clarification from Rachel, more times than not, I already have a second email saying that she has answered her own question. This speaks to her persistence and effort.
    I look forward to seeing Rachel grow in her math knowledge this semester and getting to know her better.
    Nominated by: Susan Riegel

    9/8    Name: Morgan Lawrence

    Why They Rock: 

    I would like to nominate Morgan Lawrence for my mathematician student of the week.  In just a short amount of time, she has shown herself to be a very hard worker, a team player, and knows how to advocate for herself.  She is very patient.  Whenever I offer time at the end of class to ask any further questions, Morgan is always wanting to clarify things from either homework or notes.  She is not satisfied with simply “completing” the work.  She truly wants to understand the material.  I am looking forward to getting to know Morgan further and to see her progress through the semester.  

    Nominated by: Rebecca Freese


    8/31  Name:  Jada Swearengen

     Why They Rock: Jada has done a great job participating in every Zoom class we have had. She brings a positive energy to every class and is willing to work with everyone. She shares her thoughts and ideas on the mathematical concepts we cover and is not afraid to ask questions to better understand the material and to further her understanding of the work. Great job Jada, keep it up!

     Nominated by: Jessica Haskins