Common Questions

  • Why is there a hybrid schedule?
    A hybrid schedule will allow students in the Responsive Plan to attend in-person learning for a portion of the week. Our new hybrid schedule allows for:

    • Daily interaction

    • Time to clean between sessions

    • Opportunity to provide smaller groups for teaching/reinforcing safety protocols

    How will this change impact instructional time?
    Each class on the hybrid schedule includes 45 minutes of live instruction with 40-45 minutes of asynchronous learning. The new hybrid schedule does not eliminate any class time from our previous schedule. On the 4x4 block schedule during virtual learning, students were in each block class for approximately 90 minutes, which included 40-45 minutes of synchronous learning on Zoom, followed by asynchronous learning for the remainder of the period.

    On the new hybrid schedule, students will be physically in class (or on Zoom for the Virtual Program students) for approximately 45 minutes. Their schedule also includes the asynchronous portion either before or after their in-person session.

    Example: A student attends in-person from 8:25 - 11:40 a.m. They spend 45 minutes in each class. They leave for the day at 11:25 a.m., have lunch, then engage in their asynchronous portion in the afternoon for 40-45 minutes in each class from 12:10 - 3:25. Overall, each student spends 85-90 minutes in each block class.

    How do I know if my child is in the Virtual Program or Responsive Plan?
    For most students in the Virtual Program, the room number for their classes on their schedule will say "ONLINE," "Launch," or "Edgenuity." Also, you are welcome to contact us at 963-6400 to check.

    My child is in the Virtual Program. Do they have to attend in person?
    No. All Virtual Program students will continue learning virtually. Although they will follow the new schedule, they will continue to have the same courses and teachers.

    So, my child is in the Virtual Program, but I'm confused on when they should attend their Zooms.
    Virtual Program students will learn synchronously based on their last name: A-K will have synchronous learning from 8:25 - 11:40 a.m., and L-Z will have synchronous learning from 12:10 - 3:25 p.m., unless otherwise directed by their teacher.

    When/where do I drop my child off in the morning/afternoon?
    The building will open to students at 8:00 a.m. for the morning session, and 12:00 p.m. for the afternoon session. Students should not be on campus or congregate in front of entrances prior to this time. Upon arriving at school, students should use a designated entrance (see below) and report to their first class immediately, unless they are grabbing breakfast/lunch. Students must be wearing a face covering over their mouth and nose before entering the building. We will use three entrances to the building:

    • Senior Entrance (Selma)
    • Junior Entrance (Selma)
    • and Roberts Gym (Bradford)

    How will lunch work?
    WGHS will not have an official lunch period. Due to circumstances associated with the pandemic, lunch will now become more of a task than a social time for students. Lunch will be primarily a grab and go meal. However, for the afternoon session students who arrive early to eat their lunch, there are appropriate social distancing markings on the floor and in the seating areas so that students know where to stand and sit, and to avoid crowding and minimize interaction. Students will be required to put their mask back on as soon as they are finished eating. “Food in 15, Mask on”

    What do I do if my child is in quarantine or isolation due to COVID-19?
    If a student is exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 while at home, the parent/guardian is asked to:

    • Keep their child at home; he/she should not report to school

    • Notify the pediatrician/physician and contact the child’s assistant principal’s office

    • Seek medical attention for their child as it relates to symptoms

    • Speak to the school’s nurse for the purpose of contact tracing

    • Provide updates to the school nurse and classroom teacher

    If a student tests positive for COVID-19 and is in isolation or quarantine, the absence will be treated the same as any other extended absence. Teachers will provide assignments for students who are quarantined. Students should check Canvas pages and email teachers if they need assistance. Teachers will clearly state what the expectations are for students who are quarantined. Parents and students are encouraged to reach out if they have questions.

    What if I need to drop something off for my child?
    A designated table will be available inside the Senior Entrance for any items students may have forgotten to bring to school. Parents must notify their student to pick-up the items. Items left on the table for more than 24 hours will be turned in to the Lost and Found or discarded if perishable.

    As a parent, am I allowed in the building?
    Essential visitors will be allowed to enter the building by appointment only. All essential visitors who are authorized to enter the building must wear a face covering and complete a health screening before entering the building. Raptor guest check-in procedures will continue to be a part of the essential visitor check-in process. Parents should only enter the building to drop off academic materials for their child or for a scheduled appointment.

    Please contact us at 963-6400 with any questions about the Return to In-Person Learning Plan.