Common Questions

  • My student is virtual. How does the Term 4 schedule work for the Virtual Program?

    Virtual Program students will follow the same schedule as Responsive Learning students. Virtual Program students will log into Zoom sessions as they always have, except they will follow the new schedule.


    So my student who currently attends in the afternoon will expected to attend in the morning during Term 4?

    Yes. All afternoon session students will now attend classes in the morning from 8:25 a.m. -12:51 p.m., whether Responsive or Virtual. If your student attends in person and normally rides the bus in the afternoon, we have already established morning bus routes with our transportation company, and Mrs. McKittrick has sent out new pick-up times to families and personally contacted students. If you have any questions about district busses, please contact Mrs. McKittrick at


    What about social distancing in the classroom?

    We are currently working to set up our classrooms for the return of all students. While community and school transmission rates continue to decline, we are still configuring classrooms to be a safe as possible for our students. Our in-person class sizes remain relatively low since many of our students are in the Virtual Program.


    What are the benefits of another schedule change?

    Benefits of all students returning to in-person learning from 8:25 - 12:51 daily include:

    • More instructional time

    • Longer class periods

    • 1 additional day per week of in-person instruction

    • More opportunities for synchronous support

    • More direct access to teacher support


    Data in our region supports students returning to in-person learning. Further, we are not conducting lunch, where students are unmasked and unrostered, nor are we in session for an entire day. Medical council has shared that hallway traffic transmission risk is very low with 5-minute passing periods. A vast majority of our classes have well under 20 students for just about an hour with mitigating strategies of open air flow and others that increase air circulation.


    We have soberly looked at the data and sought the input of experts in the field in the effort to mitigate risk and increase schooling opportunities. Dr. Simpson, Superintendent, presented information about Term 4 benefits and consequences here.


    What are the expectations for students in the afternoons?

    On M, T, TH, F, students will check in during live Zooms with their teachers according to the schedule. This time will look different for each teacher. Teachers may conduct live instruction, have a quick check-in and assign work, conduct small group instruction, assign work but stay logged on to Zoom for assistance, etc. Regardless of the type of instruction/format of the lesson, students are required to check in via Zoom, and attendance will be taken in Canvas. Students in Academic Lab, study hall, student assistant, or peer tutoring will not be required to join their afternoon Zoom session for that assigned block.


    On Wednesdays, students are not expected to attend any classes via Zoom after 12:51 p.m. Teachers will be involved in PLC work (Professional Learning Communities) from 2 - 3:05 p.m.


    What is "Learning Support?"

    Each day from 3:05-3:25, all teachers will be available virtually via Zoom to assist students.

    Essentially, this time is used for teacher office hours, questions/answers, and extra help if needed. A Zoom link for learning support will be shared by all teachers.


    My child attends an after-school activity but does not have transportation at 12:51 p.m. What is he/she supposed to do?

    School activities won’t start until the end of full school day--3:25 p.m.--except for “early release” travel to events. Students who are on the roster for WGHS athletics and activities and do not have access to transportation at 12:51 p.m. will be supported by a learning center in the PV Commons from 12:55 to 3:25 p.m. Devices will be available for their afternoon virtual learning. They will be allowed to eat lunch (socially distanced) in the Cafeteria/PV Commons. Please contact our Activities Office if you need to take advantage of this option.