6 - Course Breakdown

  • The following courses are required and each make up one period of a student’s seven-period schedule:

    • English/Language Arts 6
    • Math6
    • Science 6
    • Social Studies 6 or Gifted Social Studies 6 (based on District placement criteria)
    • Physical Education/Health 6

    Two elective courses will complete a student’s seven-period schedule. Students may choose one of the following combination of classes:

    • two music classes,
    • one music class and one discovery wheel, or
    • two discovery wheels.

    Music: Full-Year Courses

    • Band6
    • Choir 6
    • Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced Orchestra (based on District placement criteria)

    Humanities Discovery Wheel: Semester-Long Course

    • World Languages
    • Drama Discovery
    • Family and Consumer Sciences Discovery
    • Music Discovery

    STEAM Discovery Wheel: Semester-Long Course

    • Elements of Engineering
    • Makerspace
    • Visual Art
    • Computer Science

    Students must qualify for these classes in order to be enrolled in these full-year courses.

    • GFA (Gifted Fine Arts)
    • Special Education