• Hixson Summer Academy Course Guide 2021 

    Summer Course Selections

    Poetry Slam!

    Course Offered: 5 weeks in Session 1 and Session 2

    Discover the world of poetry! Students will study poets from different periods in history.  Students will also review and practice literary skills by reading, discussing, and analyzing poems about different topics.  In addition to analyzing poems, students will create a poetry book filled with different types of original poems.  The class will culminate with a Poetry Slam where students will share their poems with their families.  


    Creative Writing

    Course Offered: 5 weeks in Session 1 and Session 2

    Students will come together to explore their identities as writers through daily writing prompts as well as engage with contemporary short fiction as a way to understand how writers revise and structure their pieces. As a final project, each student will complete a passion writing project and contribute to a class anthology.   



    Course Offered: 5 weeks in Session 1 and Session 2

    This summer enrichment German course is designed for students with varying levels of German language ability. Whether you are new to German and want a head start before entering German 1, or you have completed German 2 and want to continue practicing your skills to prepare you for high school, there is something here for you. With a focus on culture, we will explore the products, practices, and perspectives of 5 German speaking regions (Northern German Coast, Southern German Alps, Life in the Big Cities, Austria, and Switzerland), including their traditional and modern songs, dances, specialty foods, and anything that makes each region unique. Students completing this course gain skills that will better prepare them for entering the next level.       


    This is "Sew" Easy!

    Course Offered: 5 weeks in Session 1 and Session 2

    Join us for This is “Sew” Easy!!

    Learn the basics of a sewing machine (threading, winding a bobbin, and stitch length), how to sew in a zipper for an amazing pouch, and how to sew straight and zigzag stitches. Learn to make your own mask, pencil pouch and coin purse using quilting cotton fabrics. 


    Fitness Frenzy 

    Course Offered: 5 weeks in Session 1 and Session 2

    Learn to stay in shape using everyday objects and your body weight. Everyday will be a different workout! No matter your age or size you can stay fit and have fun! In this fun and active class, enjoy yoga, stretching, and deep breathing exercises. Be prepared to work your body everyday! A beach towel or yoga mat is needed for this class. Water bottles and a healthy snack should be sent daily. 


    Backstage Boot Camp

    Course Offered: 5 weeks in Session 1

    Theater is more than just the actors on stage. There is a whole world of artists who work together to create the final product you see on stage. Join us as we learn all of the elements that work backstage to make a show possible. We will explore lights, sound, costumes, props, scenery, and stage make-up. This course is great for the artist who is crafty, creative, and enjoys technology. This course will take a hands on experience approach where will create stories in all of the technical areas of theater.

    Course Overview:
    ★ WEEK ONE: What happens backstage before, during and after a stage production. It all starts with a Story to tell.
    ★ WEEK TWO: Creating Costumes and Make-Up (old age) that help us get to know the characters and their personalities.
    ★ WEEK THREE: Creating Lights and Sound that turn the stage into a new world.
    ★ WEEK FOUR: Scenery and Props Creation
    ★ WEEK FIVE: Putting it all together  


    Math in the Middle

    Course Offered: 5 weeks in Session 1 and Session 2

    Math in the Middle courses are offered for students needing additional academic support and skill work. Students are recommended for these courses. These courses will focus on the skills and standards expected for students entering that grade. Lessons, skill work, and activities are designed to be high-interest, engaging, and appropriate for your child’s developmental skill level. 


    Reading for Pleasure and Purpose

    Course Offered: 5 weeks in Session 1 and Session 2

    In this course, students will learn reading strategies that will help them notice the most important details in fiction and non-fiction texts. They will read texts of their choice as well as read shared texts with their teacher and classmates, and apply these strategies with ease and confidence. In the end, students will move closer towards being independent readers and thinkers!  


    STEM Explorations

    Course Offered: 5 weeks in Session 1 and Session 2

    In this course, students will explore various aspects of STEM. Students will learn the basics of 3D modeling and printing, use the design process to collaboratively solve problems through fun projects, and be introduced to computer programming through game design.



    (Mini Camp)

    Course Offered: Weeks 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 in Session 2

    Course Description: Join us as we look into the process of how Broadway shows are created. We will explore the production process of hit shows like Hamilton, Wicked, SpongeBob The Musical. All while creating our own mini show telling our story, this mini-camp is great for any type of artist on and off the stage beginner to advanced

    Course Overview:
    ★ DAY ONE: We all have a story to tell
    ★ DAY TWO: Exposure and Process to Today’s Broadway Hits
    ★ DAY THREE: The Show Process
    ★ DAY FOUR: The Roles in Theater


    Student Leaders 

    (Mini Camp)

    Course Offered: Week 4 in Session 1

    The goal of the Student Leaders Club is to provide opportunities for students to take on greater leadership roles within Hixson Middle School.  This mini camp will introduce students to the issues of equity faced within our community, this will continue into the 2021/2022 school year.  Student Leaders are also in charge of our Friday Food Bag program which supports our food insecure students over the weekend.  This program encourages students to become leaders in the school and focuses on making  progress towards equality and tolerance towards all. 


    Greek and Roman Mythology

    (Mini Camp)

    Course Offered: Week 4 in Session 2

    Students will discover the Values and Beliefs found in a Greek Myths and Legends. Traits as Pride, Revenge, Hospitality, Family, Power, Respect for the Gods and more are defined, along with an introduction to the purposes why the myths and legends were written in the first place.