Meet Mr. Melanson



Degrees and Certifications:

I earned my teaching certification from UMSL in 2000. Then, I earned my Master's Degree in Elementary Education and continued my studies in elementary education through 30+ hours, focusing on social/emotional needs of children and differentiation of instruction, among other disciplines.

Mr. Michael Melanson

Role: 5th Grade Teacher

Family & Hobbies: Besides spending time with friends and family, I love to travel (one of the pictures below is from a trip I took to Ireland), paint, hang out in my backyard garden in the City (picture below), and go sailing on my boat, Delaney, at Lake Carlyle in Illinois.

Share a little known fact about yourselfI'm not a native of St. Louis. I was actually born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and moved to a very small farming town in Illinois when I was in elementary school. I also lived for a short time in Omaha, Nebraska, before coming to St. Louis. In addition, I've traveled to many, many cities and small towns all over America. This is all to say that I feel I have a variety of perspectives regarding where we all call "home". It may not be exactly what we want it to be, but it can become better when we all strive to make it so.

What are you looking forward to the most as we open up as a Neighborhood School: I'm looking forward to so many things, it's difficult to choose just one. But, to summarize my thinking into one statement, I'm most looking forward to the opportunities we'll have to build a community with our students, families, and members of the surrounding area that meets everyone's needs in supportive and innovative ways.

Share your Favorite Quote: "Whoever is happy will make others happy too." -Anne Frank