• With respect to the Webster Groves School District’s mission, vision, values, goals, strategic plan, Equity Resolution, and Equity (ABAR) policy, we are committed to being inclusive of staff members, families, and community members; to establishing and sustaining a school district that shares the collective responsibility and is held accountable to address eliminate and prevent actions, decisions and outcomes that result from perpetuate racism and bias; and to respecting and validating diversity. We recruit, employ, support, and employ culturally competent personnel;  we annually review disaggregated data to identify areas of strength and bias that may prevent students from succeeding; we have developed an ongoing DEI professional development plan for all employees, we use instructional materials that provides a range of perspectives and experiences; we continue to make all students and families feel welcomed; and we continue to sustain and develop community partnerships. 

    • We work very closely with Special School District, which serves county students with disabilities classified as cognitively impaired, emotionally disturbed, physically impaired, specific learning disabled, speech/language impaired, deaf or hard of hearing, blind or partially seeing, deaf-blind, multi-handicapped, autism, traumatic brain injury and other health impaired.

    • The WGSD created the Director of Diversity. Equity, and Inclusion position in 2020 and this person reports directly to the Superintendent.