• Drama

    All Drama courses will count for Fine Art credit. Students need 1.0 Fine Art credit to graduate.

    3941 DRAMA
    Credit : 1/2 credit                                                              
    Open to Grades:  9-12
    This course is structured for the personal development of the student through movement, open scenes, script analysis and exploration of various acting exercises and philosophies.  In Drama I, the class will explore the emotional, intellectual and critical capacities to strengthen their theatrical performance.

    Credit: 1/2 credit                                                               
    Open to Grades:  9-12
    This course is structured for the personal development of the student through mime, improvisation and exploration of the history of comedy. Students will be required to learn the rules of improvisation, all of the games and perform in competition.

    Credit:  1 unit
    Prerequisite:  Drama I or Improvisation
    Open to Grades:  10-12
    In this class, students will be immersed in an intense theatrical production schedule. They will study the basics of several acting theorists, learn some theater history, participate in writing exercises for the stage, and they will participate in a multitude of performance opportunities. By participating in the class each student will also generate a repertoire of audition/performance pieces and/or portfolio of on-camera work. Any student wanting to continue study in theater production beyond Advanced Drama will enroll in Independent Study and be approved prior to the start of the school year.

    Credit: 1/2 credit
    Open to Grades: 9-12
    In this class, students will learn the fundamentals of the theater hierarchy, stage design, set construction, and scenic artistry for theatrical productions. Each student will be exposed to a lecture style classroom and a lab environment to learn the principles of production. Hands-on experience is provided through both WGHS main stage productions (Fall and Spring) in both theaters on campus.