Community Recognition

  • The Webster Groves School District's Equity in Action Committee values and encourages peer-to-peer recognition. The EIA provides an opportunity for members of the community to recognize individuals, schools, businesses, and organizations who make everyday contributions towards creating and cultivating a culture of dignity that values all human beings within the WGSD.  

    Criteria Guidelines

    The individual, school, business, or organization must directly impact the students and staff of the WGSD. While we realize there are numerous ways of demonstrating a culture of dignity, the recognition should exemplify one or more of the following criteria: 

    • Demonstrate a commitment to equity by taking significant action steps.
    • Exhibit traits of an inclusive leader.
    • Advocate for systemic equity changes.
    • Foster equity-minded practices.

    How to Submit a Recognition? 

    1. Any person may submit a Recognition Form for an individual, school, business, or organization that operates within the WGSD and meets the criteria listed above. 
    2. Complete the Recognition Form


    • November 17, 2023
    • April 19, 2024


    The entities who meet the criteria will be named on the WGSD EIA’s website. The recipient’s name, affiliation, and brief summary of their equity work will be listed on the website. The recognizer’s affiliation will also be listed on the website. The recipients’ names will be rotated every other month, but will be housed under “Previous Recipients”. Please make sure to submit accurate contact information for the recipient because we must contact them prior to sharing their name and accomplishment on the website. 


    Please contact Dr. Shane Williamson, Director of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion, at or Mrs. Tina Clark-Scott, Director of Student Learning, at