• Equity in Action’s Community Recognition Recipients
    March 25, 2022 Recipients (alphabetical order)

    Susan Berger, WGSD staff member
    Recognized by: WGSD staff member 

    “Susan embodies a passion rooted in equitable changes.  She readily seeks opportunities to challenge systems that hinder growth and/or oppressive policies.  She wants to 'expose' hidden biases in a way that calls people in versus further isolating them.  Susan is very much an inclusive leader in both her classroom and amongst her colleagues.  This is evident in her teaching practices, classroom library, leadership of One Book, One School at Edgar Road, and her willingness to support adults who struggle in their approaches to equity.”

    CDF Freedom School (hosted by Peace United Church of Christ)
    Recognized by: Community member

    Peace hosted its first CDF Freedom School in summer, 2017, with 25 scholars.  In 2018 and 2019, they hosted again, this time doubling to 50 scholars each summer.  While COVID resulted in pausing CDF Freedom School at Peace in 2020 and 2021, they are actively preparing for 50 scholars again in 2022, and the WGSD Board just approved an MOU in support of CDF Freedom School at Peace….The Peace CDF Freedom School is fostering summer learning in a culturally conscious way AND engaging the broader community in efforts to support a strong anti-bias anti-racism culture in support of WGSD.   The power of this work at the student, parent, young adult, and community level is a truly transformative way to work from a foundation of equity-minded practices, and prepare young people and the adults around them to be advocates for systemic change.”

    Isaac Moore, WGSD staff member
    Recognized by: Community member

    "For months I’ve been wanting to find some way to share the wonderful things I hear at home about Mr. Moore.  From my daughter’s stories it is clear he has built an inclusive classroom community where students are known by him and each other and valued for their individual perspectives. He creates space for acknowledging current events and the St. Louis context while making ties to the history he is teaching. He also somehow makes time for joy and laughter.  Thank you Mr. Moore for cultivating the whole student!."

    Deidre Townsend, WGSD staff member
    Recognized by: Community member

    "Mrs Townsend as a staff member and a parent to two children in our district works diligently to promote equitable practices and support our children. She serves our parents and children directly as a social worker at Bristol Elementary and  Edgar Road Elementary. She also serves our community on the PTO at Givens Elementary as an Equity Officer where she ensures funding is allocated equitably and programs are inclusive for those not in the majority.  Her lens is valuable and her actions even more so! "