Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are surveys anonymous?

    • Students: The student responses to social, emotional, learning questions are not anonymous. Student responses to diversity, equity, and inclusion questions are anonymous. 
    • Staff: The responses are anonymous.
    • Families: The responses are anonymous. 

    Where can I find Panorama’s Privacy Policy?
    Panorama’s full Privacy Policy can be accessed publicly through Panorama’s website.

    Does Panorama engage in data mining?
    No. Panorama does not market, sell, or rent any student's personal information. Panorama does not engage in, inform, influence, or enable advertising to students. Panorama cannot share any education or student information unless authorized by the school or district or under applicable law.

    What kinds of student data does Panorama collect?
    Panorama only collects student data in the course of performing services for the school or district pursuant to a written contract, and Panorama only uses student data for the purpose of serving schools and districts.

    Who can see my students’ responses and results:
    District Administrators, building principals, certified teachers and certified support staff (can view their class roster students only), and guidance counselors. 

    How are the findings of the survey shared?
    Overall aggregate scores will be shared with the Board of Education and the presentation will be posted to this website. 

    Does Panorama share student data with Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, or other social media companies?
    No, absolutely not. Panorama only uses student data for the purpose of serving schools and districts.

    How much does this service cost?
    WGSD currently operates culture and climate surveys under a service rate of $21,800 a year with Panorama Education, which may be evaluated and renewed annually.