Getting logged in

  • From the browser, go to

    Signing in


    Near the upper right, click "Sign in".







    If you don't see the "Sign in" button, click on your image near the upper right and select "add another account"



    Enter your account lasname.firstname





    Click "next".



    passwordEnter your password and click "next". Note: the password you use to access your account on Google is the password you provided on the Acceptable Use policy during the onboarding process. If you encounter problems logging in, ask your building tech for assistance.






    Gmail link

    Click the Gmail link near the upper right to access your email.

  • Email login should work the same as network login—though again, there are exceptions.

    Your WGSD staff email account is set up with information from the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) form filled out during the onboarding process: lastname.firstname, and the password you provided. Typically, this is your legal name—though there are a few exceptions.

    Accordingly, if Jonathan Smith filled out his AUP with his full legal name and a password of K!tchyK00!, his first attempt to log into hisWGSD staff email should be with the username smith.jonathan and the password K!tchyK00!.

    No joy? Try smith.jon—if that doesn't work either, Smith should find his building tech for assistance.