• The Teachers of Color (TOC) met in the summer of 2022 and decided to create a more inclusive group. As a result, the Staff of Color (SOC) was established in August 2022 and held its inaugural SOC breakfast in August 2022. The SOC is an affinity group for WGSD and SSD employees who identify as a person of color. The SOC seeks to create an inclusive environment, provide a supportive and safe space, help to retain staff and increase a sense of community. The SOC has a core committee and building representatives. The core committee plans events, leads committees, and serves as the voice of the SOC. The building representatives are the contact person for folks of color in each building, "check-in" on folks, and communicate with the Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.  

Core Team

  • Jennifer Davis, Administrative Asst. for Learning Department
    Nikita Hicks, Office Secretary
    Alisha Marshall, Reading Specialist
    Angela Richard, Reading Specialist
    Deidre Townsend, School Social Worker
    Chloe Telle, Teacher
    Dontrail Johnson, Teacher
    Dr. Pam Washington, Gifted Coordinator

    Dr. Sandy Wiliey-Skinner, Asst. Superintendent of Human Resources
    Dr. Shane Williamson, Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion


Building Representatives