Theatrical Arts

  • All Theatrical Arts courses will count for Fine Art credit. Students need 1.0 Fine Art credit to graduate.

    3939 ACTING FOR BEGINNERS                                                                                          
    Credit :  1/2 credit                                                              
    Open to Grades:  9-12
    This course is structured for the personal development of the student actor through movement exercises, open scenes, monologue work, simple script analysis and exploration of the actor’s history. The actors in training will provide evidence of their understanding through various in-class performances and through their use of modern acting theory in several “mock” auditions on the Auditorium stage. This class is designed to explore the physical, intellectual and critical elements required of all beginning actors and the skills required to land a role in the department’s after school productions during the year.

    Credit: 1/2 credit                                                              
    Open to Grades:  9-12
    This course is structured for the beginning actor to develop and use pantomime, scene building and group improvisation to tell stories with or without a script. This introduction and exploration into the history of improv comedy will give the students the opportunity to learn basic acting theory of the great Viola Spolin. Students will be required to learn all of the rules of improvisation and comedy sports in order to find success in playing the in-class games list. Each class will end the semester with a formal team competition and sketch comedy showcase modeled after Second City in Chicago.

    Credit:  1 unit
    Prerequisite:  Drama I or Improvisation
    Open to Grades:  10-12
    In this class, students will be immersed in an intense theatrical production schedule. The class will explore children’s theater, review acting theory and experience the entire process of several stage productions. They will ultimately produce a full mainstage, three-evening show in January. Their participation in class will involve writing exercises, study of non-profit theater development and management, detailed script work, complex memorization, staging and blocking exercises, rehearsals, and live performances with an audience. They will provide evidence of proficiency and understanding with a final portfolio and reflection journal. NOTE: All members of Advanced Acting must be able to attend all January rehearsals after school (Mon - Thurs 3:45pm - 5:30pm) in order to participate in this class.

    Credit:  1/2 credit
    Open to Grades:  9-12
    In this class, students will learn the fundamentals of the theater hierarchy, stage design, set construction, and scenic artistry for theatrical productions. Each student will be exposed to a lecture style classroom and a lab environment to learn the principles of production. Hands-on experience is provided through both WGHS main stage productions (Fall and Spring) in both theaters on campus.