WGHS Summer School Program Information and Expectations

  • WGHS 2024 Summer School Opportunities/Program Information and Rules

    May 28 – June 28
    *No school on June 19th in observation of Juneteenth*
    Monday – Friday
    730am – 10:15am and 10:15am – 1:00pm

    Who Can Attend: Students entering grades 9 – 12

    Program Details: Students will have the opportunity for credit recovery in core subjects and to earn elective course credits. Students can also participate in Experiential Learning with the Chelsea Center, through internships and hands-on experiences.

    Program Leaders: Courtney Jordan (Summer School Principal) & Kerry Arens (Chelsea Center Coordinator)

    You can register for summer school beginning Friday March 1, 2024 at 7 p.m. online here. Completing an application does not guarantee enrollment as enrollment is conducted on a first-come, first-served basis. Please note that we will be offering online (100% asynchronous) and in-person courses at WGHS for the 2024 Summer School program. Courses with fewer than 10 students will not be offered. All courses are available pending staffing.

    COURSE OFFERINGS: Use the navigation on the left or click here.

    Notification Process
    You will receive an email regarding your enrollment status (enrolled or wait listed) in April. If enrolled, a course schedule with teacher information will be mailed/emailed home one week prior to the start of summer school with classroom numbers.

    Attendance Policy
    During the summer session, attendance is most important because of the condensed period in which we have to work. Doctor appointments are unexcused for summer school and count towards absences and tardies.

    With this in mind, the following attendance regulations have been adopted:

    • A student may not accumulate more than 3 absences in a class.
    • Any students arriving after the start of a class (5 minutes) will be considered tardy.
    • Any students leaving prior to the end of class (less than 30 minutes) will be considered tardy.
    • Any student arriving/leaving more than 30 minutes after the start/end of a class will be given an absence for the class even if he or she remains/stays the rest of the class period.
    • Three (3) tardies to a class will be equal to one absence.
    • Any student exceeding the three (3) absences for a class will receive a grade of “F” for the class and will be withdrawn from the class with no credit.
    • Any student who is withdrawn from a class after three (3) days of summer school will be issued an “F” for the specified class.
    • PE - Students will be graded on attendance and participation. Due to the length of summer school classes, please note that if a student sustains an injury while enrolled in PE, and needs to miss more than 3 days of class participation due to the injury, the student will need to be withdrawn from the summer PE course.

    Please note that consequences for discipline issues may be increased due to the short length of summer school. Disciplinary infractions may include withdrawal from summer school. If withdrawn, students will receive no credit for their course(s).

    For additional questions, please contact Ms. Courtney Jordan Summer School Principal, 314-963-6400 ext. 11252 or email jordan.courtney@wgmail.org