Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

  • Carpool
    We have a carpool lane at Clark through our parking lot. If you choose to use the carpool lane, for your convenience and safety, please remain in the car until you pull up to one of our numbered pick up/drop off zones. When you arrive at a numbered zone, one of our staff members or a fifth grade Safety Patrol volunteer will assist your child in getting in/out of the car.

    Students may ride a bicycle or scooter to school. Students need to walk their bicycles/scooters on school property due to traffic congestion at arrival and dismissal times. At arrival, students need to dismount bicycles/scooters while on school property and walk them to the bike rack. At dismissal, students will walk their bicycles/scooters from the bike rack to the edge of the school property before riding home. The wearing of bicycle helmets is REQUIRED for safety reasons.

    Students can be dropped off starting at 7:35. From 7:35-7:45, students can play on our playgrounds or hang out with friends. (We will not open up the field or blacktop, nor will we have balls out for students to use. Please keep toys/athletic gear at home.) At 7:45, teachers will walk classes into classrooms. The carpool lane will remain open until 7:50. If your student arrives between 7:45-7:50, the student will enter the building through the library doors. Students arriving after 7:50 will need to come through the Big Bend entry and check in at the office with the administrative assistant. Students arriving after 7:50 will be marked tardy.

    Kindergarten is out for dismissal between 2:40-2:45. We officially start the dismissal process for the rest of the school at 2:50. At that time, teachers and classes are outside near the playgrounds. Walkers are released to walk home; parents/guardians who walked to Clark are able to pick their students up from the teachers' lines; and, we start the carpool process.