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    If you have general questions regarding your insurance benefits, or to request forms please contact LaNita Harrison at 918-4309 or e-mail: harrison.lanita@wgmail.org.

    Open enrollment for insurance benefits is held in August / September of each year. New employees have thirty days from the date of hire to enroll. Eligible dependent children can be covered until age 26 regardless of student status.

    The CSD Insurance Trust - Anthem Blue Access Choice PPO 2016 - 2017 Group # 4005276 
    Effective Oct 1, 2016

    Office copays are $25 for regular visits, and $35 for specialists.* 

    LiveHealth Online (Virtual Healthcare)
    Easy, fast doctor visits from the comfort of your computer or mobile device

    Click here to download a copies of the Anthem summary of benefits:
       HRA (Health Reimbursement Account)
       HSA (Health Savings Account) To set up your account, go here: https://mybenefitwallet.com
       Kidz Plan

    Prescriptions are covered through Anthem. Services are available through participating pharmacies or through the mail by using Express Scripts. Copayments are $5.00 for generic, $30.00 for brand name, and $55.00 for preferred.* Often prescriptions are available at a reduced cost through the mail order program.  For refills call 1-866-216-4766 or go to www.anthem.com.

    Webster Groves School District Delta Dental Of Missouri
    Effective October 1, 2016
    Group #9198
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    Blue View Vision 2016 - 2017  
    Effective Oct 1, 2016
    Group # 4005276
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    Life Insurance: 
    The school district provides $10,000 in coverage for each eligible employee. Through the Cooperating School Districts Group Insurance Trust, eligible employees may purchase up to five times their current salary in additional life insurance from Cigna. When requesting over two times coverage, employees will be required to complete an evidence of insurability form. Cost is based on the employee's age and the amount of insurance purchased. Eligible employees have the option of purchasing life insurance coverage for their dependents. The cost of coverage for a spouse is $1.92 per month for each $10,000 in coverage, up to $50,000. The cost of coverage for eligible children is $.58 per month for $5,000 in coverage, or $1.16 for $10,000. This amount covers all eligible children. For more information contact the Benefits Office at the above number. 

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    Discovery Benefits Flexible Spending Account Information 2016 - 2017  
    Effective Oct 1, 2016

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    Other Benefits:

    HIPAA-The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability act of 1996
    Requires self-funded and fully insured group health plans to reduce any pre-existing condition (ex, heart trouble, high blood pressure) limitation periods by days of prior creditable coverage. If coverage has been continuous for the last 12 months (and no break in coverage over 63 days) there will be no pre-existing condition limitation. Your former insurance carrier (ex. if you leave WGSD, United HealthCare will be the issuer) will issue the HIPAA letter to you. It is important to keep this letter with your other important papers. 

    COBRA Coverage
    Under Federal law, if your group health benefits end due to a "qualifying event", you may elect to continue your coverage under the plan. A qualifying event is any of the following:

    1. Termination of the employee's employment or reduction of hours worked which renders the employee ineligible for coverage
    2. death of the employee
    3. divorce or legal separation
    4. for a spouse and eligible dependents, loss of coverage due to the employee becoming eligible for Medicare, or
    5. for a dependent child, ceasing to qualify as a dependent under the plan

    This coverage can be purchased through the District plan for a period of 18 months and/or 36 months depending upon the qualifying event. 

    Once the business office is notified of a termination, a COBRA informational/application/letter is sent by "Certified" mail to your residence. The COBRA premiums are the same as the current group insurance rate plus an additional administrative fee, and are quoted in the Cobra mailing. Medical and/or Dental can be continued. COBRA premiums are due from the date of the qualifying event.