Guidelines and Cost


    • Bus transportation is available for students attending Hixson Middle School and Webster Groves High School.
    • With few exceptions, students will be required to pay for transportation.  Please see the fee structure below.
    • A transportation form will be mailed to qualifying families every spring. You must return the completed form if you want your student to receive transportation.
    • If you are undecided regarding transportation for the upcoming school year, please fill out the form and return it anyway.  The bus routes cannot be changed to accommodate your student if you decide after the due date that you need bus transportation.
    • Routing of buses will be completed based upon the addresses of those students who return this form. Routing will be finalized by mid-June of each year.
    • Any requests for bus service received after the due date of the form will be placed on an existing route only if there is room. Please complete the form when you receive it and return it as soon as possible.
    • You will only be guaranteed free transportation if you live 3.5 miles from school.
    • Even if you received free transportation during the current or previous school year, you will not be guaranteed free transportation in the upcoming school year.
    • Please complete a separate form for each child.
    • The address information on the form will be the basis for the bus contractor to establish route stops.
    • Most route stops are established within 1 to 5 blocks from the home address. Although every attempt will be made, there is no guarantee a route stop can be provided within this guideline.
    • If you change your address after this form is completed and/or the start of the upcoming school year, please call the Administrative Assistant for the school your child will attend in the upcoming school year.  Please feel free to leave a voice message with your name and new address during the summer break.
    • There will be a $5.00 fee for replacement for all lost bus passes during the school year.
    • Review the following guidelines for further information regarding students who may qualify for free transportation.

    Bus fee structure and payments:

    Riding AM & PM

    $400.00 yearly

    $100.00 quarterly


    One Way Only

    $200.00 yearly

    $ 50.00 quarterly



    The Webster Groves School District receives no Federal reimbursement funds for providing transportation services and very little State transportation funds. There are two ways a student may qualify for free transportation services. 

    I.   State law requires free transportation services to be provided for students living farther than 3.5 miles from the school. There are only a few streets within the Webster Groves School District boundaries that are located farther than 3.5 miles from any of the schools.  The School District will verify whether a student meets the criteria.

    II. Students needing transportation services but unable to purchase service due to a financial hardship may be provided free transportation according to the following three-part guidelines.

    a.)   Student must receive free lunch.

    b.)   Student must live more than 2.5 miles from school.

    c.)   There must be available seats on the bus after all paid riders have been routed.  Those students living the farthest from school will be assigned free transportation services first.