Use of School Facilities


    As a service to the community and in accordance with state law, the Board of Education may allow the use of public school facilities by individuals, groups and associations for educational, recreational, social, civic, philanthropic and other similar purposes as the Board deems are for the best interests of the community.

    Permission to use school facilities will be granted to community organizations and residents by the superintendent, or his or her designee, in keeping with the policies, rules and regulations adopted by the Board. However, such use will not interfere in any way with the regular programs and activities of the school district.

    A nominal rental fee to cover operational costs (heat, lights, etc.) and custodial service will be charged in accordance with a schedule recommended by the superintendent and approved by the Board. The Board may consider waiving the fee for special public programs.

    The use of playgrounds and buildings during the summer months for recreational purposes shall be governed by the superintendent according to the Board policies, rules and regulations.

    A valid certificate of insurance will be required before any permit for school facilities will be approved.

    Adopted: April 28, 2003
    Legal Refs: 177.031, RSMo.
    Webster Groves School District, St. Louis County, Missouri