• Adventure Club

Billing Information

  • Tuition listed below is per child/month, based on 9 monthly payments (September - May). 

    The Adventure Club is a self-supporting program and needs prompt payments to meet expenses. Tuition is due in advance of services on the 1st of the month and will be invoiced and charged through Brightwheel. More information about Brightwheel will be shared in August. Please note that there are no refunds or credits for enrollment changes or absences.

    Payments that are not received by the 20th will result in immediate withdrawal. Re-enrollment will be determined by space availability and is not guaranteed. Enrollment and attendance in the Adventure Club will be unavailable until all accounts (including AFC preschool accounts) are paid in full. Fill out the Withdrawal form here. Please note that we require two weeks' notice for impending withdrawals.

Adventure Club Tuition

  • Current School Year Tuition Rates
    Tuition includes every full school day of the month. Tuition does not cover early release days or school days off.

    Before Care Only -         $210/month
    After Care Only -            $270/month
    Before and After Care -   $360/month

    Early Release Day Care - $30/day
    Full Day Care -               $60/day