of the

    Ambrose Family Center Preschool


    Revised by Executive Board November 2012

    Approved by membership November 19, 2012

    Article I:  Name

    The name of the organization shall be the Ambrose Family Center Preschool Parent Teacher Organization (PTO).

    Article II:  Goals

    Section 1.  To create an arena for discussion, problem-solving and goal-setting in which parents, teachers and members of the community may cooperate and share resources in order to facilitate the development and education of the children of Ambrose pre-school.

    Section 2. To promote constructive communication through informational meetings and emails in order to keep parents and staff informed about pertinent school issues.

    Section 3.  To sponsor activities and events which encourage fellowship and shared experiences among the members of the PTO and their families in order to promote healthy and harmonious relationships among school and home.

    Section 4.  To generate funds to support a wide range of activities, programs and enhancements to the facility including (but not limited to) educational enrichment programs, technology, equipment, grants to staff, and capital improvements to the building and grounds as deemed appropriate by the PTO Executive Board.

    Section 5.  To serve as a voice for excellence in education, advocating for improved education and welfare of all children.

    Article III:  Principles

    Section 1.  This organization shall be non-profit, non-sectarian and non-partisan.  No commercial enterprise and no political candidate shall be endorsed by it.  Neither the name of the organization nor the names of its representatives in their official capacities shall be used in connection with a commercial concern for any purpose other than the regular work of the organization.

    Section 2.  This organization shall cooperate with the school to support the improvement of education in ways that will not interfere with the administration of the school.

    Section 3.  This organization may cooperate with other organizations having similar goals.

    Section 4.  This organization shall have a fiscal year of June 1-May 31.

    Article IV:  Membership and Dues

    Section 1.  All parents and legal guardians of students currently enrolled at AFC Pre-School and all staff members and administrators are automatically members of the organization.

    Section 2.  There are no annual dues assessed by this organization.

    Section 3.  Privileges of membership include voting at general PTO meetings and at elections, running for office and serving on committees.

    Article V:  Officers

    Section 1.  The offices of this organization shall be President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer.  Two individuals may share the office of President. 

    Section 2.  Officers shall be installed at the final general PTO meeting of the school year.

    Article VI:  Elections

    Section 1.  Any member is eligible to serve as an officer of the organizations provided they meet the eligibility requirements defined in Article V.

    Section 2.  The Executive Board shall serve as the Nominating Committee and shall send written notification of election to all members in February via the school newsletter.  This notification shall include a call for nominees.  The Nominating Committee will secure nominees through individual contact, as needed.  Additional nominations may be made from the floor at the April general PTO meeting.  Names may be placed on the ballot only with the consent of the nominee.

    Section 3.  The officers shall be elected annually, by ballot, at the April meeting of the organization.  Elections shall be by simple majority of those present.

    Section 4.  A vacancy occurring for any reason in an office shall be filled for the unexpired term by an individual appointed by the Executive Board.

    Section 5.  The Executive Board may recommend the removal of any officer not performing duties as outlined.  Notice of the intent to recall must be given to the officers and to the general membership at least one week prior to any Special Meeting or general PTO meeting at which the recall vote is scheduled.  An affirmative vote of two thirds of the PTO members present and voting shall be necessary for the removal. 

    Article VII:  Duties of the Officers

    Section 1.  The office of the President shall preside at all meetings of the PTO (including preparing the agenda), shall be the contact person for Parents as Teachers and new PTO members, represent PTO for the School District PTO meetings.

    Section 2.  The office of the  Vice President shall be the lead for the fundraising, fill in for the president if needed.  Also the Vice President shall work to recruit new members for the PTO Executive Board

    Section 4.  The Secretary shall keep a record of all meetings of the Executive Board and general PTO meetings.  The minutes of each meeting shall be distributed to the Executive Board within two weeks after each meeting.  The minutes of a meeting shall be approved at the subsequent meeting. 

    Section 5.  The Treasurer shall receive and be the custodian for all monies of the organization and keep accurate records of receipts and expenditures.  The Treasurer shall present a statement of account at each Executive Board meeting and general PTO meeting.  The Treasurer is responsible for the timely filing of all Federal tax forms. 

    Article VIII:  Executive Board

    Section 1.  The Executive Board shall consist of the officers of the organization and the school administrators.

    Article IX:  Committees

    Section 1.  Standing Committees shall be created by vote of the members as may be required to promote the goals, policies and interests of the PTO.  The office of 1st Vice President shall be responsible for finding chairpersons of the Standing Committees.

    Section 2.  Special Committees may be formed at any meeting of the organization, as specific needs arise.

    Section 3.  The chairperson of the Standing Committees shall keep the Executive Board informed of the status of committee activities.  Expenses beyond the approved budget must be approved by the Executive Board prior to spending.