• Successful Dolphins DO...

    Successful Dolphins Do...

    Dolphins do show Respect by…….

    Taking care of themselves, others, and the environment
    Having a positive attitude
    Treating others with kindness
    Following rules and adult directions
    Listening to speakers
    Handling property with care


    Dolphins do show Responsibility by…

    Taking ownership of own actions, obligations, and commitments
    Attending school daily
    Being punctual
    Making positive choices
    Being on task and focused
    Using appropriate voice level
    Being prepared and organized for learning


    Dolphins do show Cooperation by…

    Wanting or willing to work together with others
    Being helpful
    Playing nicely with others
    Being a team player while working with others
    Returning materials to their proper spot for others to use


    Dolphins do show Honesty by…

    Being fair and truthful with myself and others
    Doing my own work to the best of my ability
    Asking for permission to borrow other people's property
    Paying for items you purchase
    Admitting when you have done something wrong


    Dolphins do show Safety by…

    Keeping ourselves, others and our school free from harm or danger
    Ask for permission before leaving the room
    Following bus safety rules
    Knowing what to do in case of an emergency
    Keeping hands, feet, objects to yourself
    Using all equipment properly