• Parental Responsibilities


    Parental Responsibilities
    • Sign in/out with the time and initials each day.
    • Write in the parent notebook name of person coming to pick up if someone other than parent
    • Show I.D until we get to know you (pertains to whoever picks up child).
    • Notify Adventure Club site manager when your child will not be in attendance. There are several ways to inform Adventure Club for any reason by using the parent notebook (located on sign in/out table for important notes) Calling, or e-mailing. If prior notice of absence is not given be at least 1 hour prior to the end of the school day; after three absences without notification a $10.00 fee will be assessed.
    • Medication forms must be filled out and medicine in original container for us to administer.
    • Activity forms need to be filled out for after school activities.
    • A change of enrollment form must be filled out before the change of enrollment or withdrawal can take place.
    • For more information go to the Ambrose Family main page under Adventure Club.


    • Any type of payment can not be given at the site. Payment must be given to the business office at Ambrose Family Center.
    • Forget to sign your child in/out.