• Learn the ins-and-outs of the school year.

    If you are new to Hudson, you might find it overwhelming to learn all the ins-and-outs of the school year. We have compiled the following frequent questions and provided their answers to help get you off to a good start. As you read through these and navigate the upcoming school year, let us know if there are additional questions we could add to this list to help future Hudson families. The Hudson Handbook is a great reference as well.

    Q: How does drop off and pick up work? 

    A: Here's the scoop:

    DROP OFF: Supervision for student lines begins at 8:05am and school begins at 8:15am. Car drivers should enter the circle drive in front of the school from the Kortwright (East) side.  For the safety of our kids, please stay in single file don’t butt in line or pull out to go around. The line moves pretty fast as teachers and staff members are there to open the kid’s doors…kind of a special way to greet/sendoff the kiddos!** If you want to get out and say goodbye to your children, please do not get in line because we want to keep it moving for everyone. Proceed slowly to the parking lot or park on the street to get out and say goodbye.

    PICK UP: (at 3:00pm) Stay in your car to pick up: lines will form in the circle drive extending to the intersection of Hudson and Kortwright. A teacher will be standing at the corner of the school lot and will ask who you are picking up and will use a walkie talkied to have your child ready.  If you want to park and get out to pick your student up, proceed to the atrium parking lot or park on the street and meet them in the Atrium (that hallway between the classroom building and the gym).

    *For the 4th and 5th graders: drop off in the morning is behind the school off of Oday Avenue. So you have the option of getting in line for the circle drive to let your kids out and they can walk around to the back, or you can drive to Oday let your child out by the back parking lot. Note that the lot is closed, but you can drop off at the street entrance to the lot. But PLEASE do not pull into any of the homeowner’s driveways to turn around. Proceed down the street to Oak Haven Avenue and go around the block. It’s easy, fast, and much safer for everyone.

    Q: How are school activities and events communicated? Stay in the know about Hudson Happenings.

    A: Hudson works hard to keep parents informed on happenings around school.

    • Weekly Email Updates from Mrs. Hilpert-THis is the most important and reliable source of information! It is sent every Friday with attachments. If you have not received one by the second week of school, contact the office to ensure they have your email on file and correct. Check out the super cute video that the students produce; it is attached each week. If you read nothing else, read this!
    • Wednesday Envelope- Some of the attachements from the weekly email will come home in paper form in the Wednesday Envelope.  Get in the habit of asking your child about this weekly.  There are also many community events, sports info, etc that will come home in these envelopes.
    • Hudson Twitter account (Twitter@HudsonPrincipal) - enjoy frequent updates on activities around school including pictures from Mrs. Hilpert. Subscribe and setup notifications to receive her Tweets via email or texts. Many teachers also have accounts you can follow to see what is happening in the classroom. Lots of videos and pictures are posted here.
    • The Hudson Elementary Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/Hudsonrockhill) - be sure to 'Like' and 'Follow' this page to receive notifications of new posts. In addition each class has a Facebook page set up by the Welcome Committee so you can chat with parents, set up class events and share pictures from parties, etc. See facebook for class wide play dates.
    • School Marquee: Important upcoming dates will be posted on the sign in the front of school.
    • Blasts- At times information will come as a phone message and/or text from Mrs. Hilpert or the Webster School District. This information is very important and includes things like school closings, safety updates from the distrcit and upcoming big events.
    • This website!!

    Q: How do I fund my child's school lunch/breakfast account? Pay online or send in cash/check.

    A: Online: Within the school's website, go to the Need to Know-> For Parents-> Tyler Student Information System [SIS]. If you need login credentials, contact Mrs. Pingle in the Hudson office, these should be sent within the first couple weeks of school starting. 
     This will be the portal you will use during your child's academic journey through the Webster schools. This SIS system includes the following: class schedule, attendance, grades, meals, and other information such as fines & fees and assessements. To pay online, click on the Meals tab to find a link to make an online payment! But please note, there is a $2.50 service fee.

    Don't want to pay online and pay a service fee? Then send an envelope to the Hudson office sealed with a check made out to "Webster Groves School District" or cash. Make sure to include your child's name, school, and that it includes lunch fund money. 


    Q: What is the Open House like at the beginning of the school year? An introduction to...

    A: It is pretty informal, allowing you to visit multiple classrooms and drop off supplies.  Teachers will be there to meet students and answer any questions.

    Some teachers give an introduction on what a typical day in the classroom might include, along with curriculum highlights. Sign-up sheets will be available for classroom volunteers for the three classroom parties. Also look for the PTO table to sign up to help!

    Q: How do classroom parties work?

    A: Hudson celebrates with 3 classroom parties each year: Halloween, Holiday, and Valentines Day. All parents are welcome at every party, just sign in at the office and head to your child's classroom.  The room parents will usually send an email asking for donations of time or supplies for the party.

    Halloween- students will have the chance to bring their costumes.  In the afternoon, they get dressed up and parade through the school and back lot.  Parents line up to watch and then head to the classroom for snacks and games.

    Holiday- students often sing winter songs in the gym then the party follows

    Valentines Day- party in the classroom.

    Q: How can I get involved at Hudson? A variety of opportunities at different levels of commitment.

    A: There are a number of opportunities to get involved in the Hudson PTO. You don’t have to be in charge or even attend an event to help. Here are some options:

    • Attend PTO meetings
    • Volunteer for an event 
    • Make signs for events 
    • Design event advertising 
    • Make phone calls 
    • Event set-up or clean-up 
    • At-home preparation for an event 
    • Pick up supplies 
    • Donate needed supplies 
    • Support fundraisers 
    • Request donations
    • Help with Classroom parties
    • Volunteer as a room parent

    You will often see a link to Sign UP Genius website, click the link in the Weekly email update or on the PTO website to sign up.

    If time is not something you have to give, please consider making a monetary donation to help us enhance our student's educational experience.


    Q: Where do Hudson students participate in sports leagues? Information on soccer, baseball, basketball.

    A: Kirkwood YMCA, St. Genevieve du Bois, St. Mary Magdalen, Webster Groves Baseball/Softball League. Ask around on your class's Facebook page to see where most of your classmates are playing.

    Q: What type of activities are there outside of school? 

    A: Girl/Boy Scouts, LEGO League, Girls on the Run, etc.  Information about how to learn more and/or join each of these will be included in the Wednesday Envelopes.

    Also many great activities are offered at the Rockhill Library, many Hudson Families take advantage of these.