• Activities to build personal character and promote a positive climate at Hixson!

    Boyz 2 Men
    Boyz 2 Men will: provide “Open Discussion Sessions “about current events in our school, our community and how they affect us individually and corporately. provide “Tutoring Sessions” to assist in completing homework assignments and study sessions for assessments. provide crafts / projects allowing students to express themselves. provide “Guest Speakers” as motivational speakers to discuss with our students the prevention of delinquency and how to continue growing as an asset in our community. advise our students with encouragement to succeed in all classes while at Hixson Middle School and their community. When: Thursdays, all year Where: Room 102 Sponsor: Dr. Roddy

    Gay/Straight Alliance (GSA)
    GSA is a student-led organization to promote a safe environment and open forum for issues affecting students.

    When: Tuesdays, all year
    Where: Room 212
    Sponsor: Mr. Downey

    Model UN
    Students research world problems and come together to create solutions that will make the world a better place.

    When: Tuesdays, Wednesdays, & Thursdays, 3rd & 4th Quarters only
    Where: Room 104
    Sponsor: Mr. McGinnis

    Student Council
    Students will learn about democracy while participating in a variety of activities from party planning to canned food drives. Service to the school and community is stressed.

    When: Thursdays, all year
    Where: Room 218
    Sponsor: Mr. Heisel

    Young Ladies of Excellence
    This activity is designed for middle school girls to promote positive peer interactions, build self esteem, and develop leadership skills.

    When: Thursdays, all year
    Where: Room 112
    Sponsor: Ms. Hayes