Turkey Day

  • As two leather-helmeted teams faced off in 1907 at the first annual Turkey Day game, they had no idea that their knockdown, drag-out game would result in modern day football—not to mention the longest running classic west of the Mississippi. Kirkwood defeated Webster Groves 5-0. The rules of the game did not develop until 1910. 

    The winners of the Turkey Day game were awarded the Frisco Bell, donated by the Frisco Railroad Company in 1952. The losers of the game must settle for a consolation prize, the Little Brown Jug, which was lost from 1972 until 1992. 

    The week of the game is celebrated in both high schools. Students spend hours decorating the school hallways and dressing up in school colors to promote school spirit. The pep rally and bonfire the day before the game also help enliven the Turkey Day atmosphere. 

    The Webster-Kirkwood Friendship Dance promotes good will between the two schools. Each school selects a senior girl to reign as Friendship Queen. 

    Members of the two communities are also caught up in the excitement of preparing for Turkey Day activities. The stands are always packed with fans of all ages from both Webster and Kirkwood. Many school alumni, friends, and relatives from near and far share in the opportunity to reunite during the Thanksgiving holiday activities. 

    The preparation, the dance, the bonfire, the game, and the sharing of good times with friends are factors which combine to make Turkey Day a memorable occasion. The result is a heightening of school spirit, community involvement, and awareness of the appreciation we have for a very special tradition.