Calculating GPA (weighted and non-weighted)

  • Grade Point Average

    Grade point average is a numerical computation of a student’s collective grades.  Numerical values are assigned to each grade earned.  This value is multiplied by the amount of credit earned for each class.  To determine the student’s grade point average, this total is divided by the total number of credits attempted. 

    The following scale is used for all non-weighted classes:

    A   = 4.0   B   = 3.0   C   = 2.0   D  = 1.0
    A-  = 4.0   B-  = 3.0   C-  = 2.0   D- = 1.0
    B+ = 3.5   C+ = 2.5   D+ = 1.5    

    The weighted grade policy will result in raising the grade point averages of students taking weighted classes using the following scale:

    A   = 4.5   B   = 3.375   C   = 2.25   D  = 1.0
    A-  = 4.5   B-  = 3.375   C-  = 2.25   D- = 1.0
    B+ = 3.875   C+ = 2.75   D+ = 1.50    


    Classes with Weighted Grades

    Department Course
    Art Art History
    Art Ceramics ACC
    Business AP Macroeconomics
    Business AP Microeconomics
    Business AP Computer Science with Java
    Business Computer Applications ACC
    Business Marketing II
    English AP English Lang & Comp 
    English AP English Language (Gifted 11)    
    English AP English Literature (Gifted 12)
    English English Lit & Comp ACC
    English English Lit & Comp AP
    English Gifted and Talented 10           
    English Gifted and Talented 9        
    English Honors US Studies
    English Honors World Lit
    English Modern Int. Lit.  ACC
    English Women and Gender 
    Foreign Language                  French IV - AP           
    Foreign Language                  German IV - AP
    Foreign Language Japanese IV
    Foreign Language Latin IV
    Foreign Language Spanish IV - AP
    Mathematics                      Honors Geometry           
    Mathematics                      Honors Algebra/Trig    
    Mathematics                      Honors Pre-Calculus    
    Mathematics                      Calculus AP              
    Science                   Advanced Chemistry      
    Science Advanced Forensic Science
    Science                   Advanced Physics                    
    Science AP Chemistry
    Science AP Physics 1
    Science AP Physics 2
    Science                   Genetics
    Science                   Human Anatomy and Physiology
    Science Microbiology & Human Disease
    Social Studies AP Macroeconomics 
    Social Studies AP Microeconomics
    Social Studies AP Psychology
    Social Studies Comp Govt/Politics AP/ACC
    Social Studies Honors US History AP/ACC
    Social Studies Honors US Studies AP/ACC

    Honors Grades:
    “H” grades will continue in certain approved non-weighted courses.  If a student is interested in working for an “H” grade, which is worth 4.5 grade points, he/she should discuss this with the instructor and the appropriate department chairperson and complete the application for an honors grade.  Students may contract for an “H” grade in the following classes: 

    Department Course
    Business Automated Accounting
    English Freshmen Lit and Comp
    English World Lit & Comp  
    English 20th Century Am. Lit & Comp
    English Gifted and Talented Internship
    Family and Consumer Science Child Development II and III
    Industrial Technology                  Advanced Architectural Drafting    
    Industrial Technology                  Advanced Auto Technology              
    Industrial Technology                 Advanced Electronics Tech         
    Industrial Technology                Advanced Woods Construction
    Music Chamber Choir
    Music                     Concert Choir            
    Music                    Music Theory I & II      
    Music                     Wind Symphony          
    Science                   Animal Behavior
    Science                   Plants and People
    Science                   Environmental Science
    Science                   Physics A (2nd semester)      
    Social Studies            Psychology                  
    Social Studies American Military History 1
    Social Studies American Military History 2
    Social Studies            World Civilizations       
    Social Studies World Civilizations A