NCAA and NAIA (Information for Prospective College Athletes)

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    There are two governing bodies for college athletics:


    1. National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)
    2. National Association Of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA)


    There are three divisions of NCAA teams: Division I, Division II, Division III

    What are the differences?

    • The size of the school’s investment in its athletic programs
    • The higher the division the greater the investment
    • This commitment is reflected in the number of teams it sponsors, the number of scholarships it offers, and time commitment it requires of its student-athletes



    Students who wish to play NCAA Division I or Division II athletics or NAIA athletics, must be “cleared” or approved to participate. Students should register with the NCAA and/or NAIA Clearinghouse during their junior year.


    To register:




    For a list of WGHS' NCAA List of Approved Courses click here.


    Eligibility requirements:



    varies for Division I and II. Click here to download more information.


    Click here to download the NCAA Guide for the College Bound Athlete.



    Must have 2 of the following:

    • Minimum SAT 860 or ACT 18
    • Overall high school gpa of 2.0
    • Graduate in upper half of high school class


    Click here to download the NAIA Guide for the College Bound Athlete.