Get involved

  • Why get involved with the Chelsea Center?

    What is important to you?  Family?  Friends?  Being “successful”?  Figuring out what will “make you happy”?  Life can be complicated for a high school student – and it doesn’t get any easier after graduation.  The good news is that you get to decide who you are, how you will spend (much of) your time and what relationships will provide meaning for you.  An important – but not the only – part of life is your class work at Webster Groves High School. Learning English, math, science, social studies, languages, etc. is important to your preparation for life after high school, whether it be at college or in the working world.

    But while you are at WGHS part of what will define you – and will help you define yourself – is the experiences you have along the way ...

    Doing a volunteer project 

    • Having a part-time job
    • Being involved in student council, band, athletics, clubs, art projects or theater
    • Participating in a trip or other organized (school or non-school) activity

    All will help shape the person you are and will become.  There will be fun times and, probably, some frustrating times.  The Chelsea Center is interested in helping you to think about the experiences you are having and, if we are successful, the Center will help you to learn and grow from the good, the bad and the ugly you encounter along the way. We will also develop interesting projects for your participation.

    Check our NEWS section on the front page of the website or our Facebook page! You can also click on Volunteer Opportunities to find a list of all the organizations in our community!

    Check the Completed Student Projects page in the student section! Look forward to these opportunities again next year!