Q & A

  • How can I get involved in the Chelsea Center programs?
    It's easy! Listen to the daily announcements for information on upcoming projects and programs. You can also stop by the Chelsea Center in Room 120 and talk to Mrs. Burchett to take a look at what we have to offer. You can also email Mrs. Burchett at burchett.julie@wgmail.org

    What if I want to do something that is not currently offered by the Chelsea Center?
    Just ask! You will need to fill out an application and indicate your interests. We can usually set something up for you!

    Who can participate in the Chelsea Center?
    Absolutely everyone is welcome! From incoming 9th graders through seniors, there are offerings for everyone.

    Can I get school credit for experiences/activities I do through Chelsea Center?
    You can get a .5 credit for some of the Chelsea Center opportunities. You will attend orientation sessions, keep journals, meet with your coordinator several times, and complete and present a capstone project. It's not hard ... but there are requirements that need to be met. Grades are assigned based on participation and completion of these requirements. Some opportunities have a Pass/Fail option.