• Why should parents be interested and involved in Chelsea Center?
    Kids have many experiences every day. Most experiences are inconsequential, but some have the potential to provide excellent opportunities for learning and growth. 

    Parents can be important facilitators and catalysts of the learning process if they have a sense of how to help their kids interpret what is happening to them.

    How does a parent take a very positive – or a very negative – experience that a kid has had and turn it into a learning opportunity? That is part of the focus of the Chelsea Center – to help parents become more effective partners in the education of their children by providing guidance on how to help children learn from their experiences. 

    Parents are a big part of the Chelsea Center  They offer experiences to their children as part of family life.  They can offer experiences to all students through their professional lives -  sponsoring a student as a mentor or hosting an intern, inviting a student to shadow them for a day at work, providing service learning oppprtunities, and more. 

    Check out our STUDENT OPPORTUNITIES page to get your child involved in some of the experiential learning projects taking place this year. Also, check the NEWS feed on the front page with current opportunities available.