Questions & Answers

  • Who can I call for more information or to get involved?

    Dr. Kerry Arens, Coordinator of the Chelsea Center, at (314)918-4181 or

    Ms. Dana Miller, Advisor to the Chelsea Center and Webster Academy, at (314) 918-4249 or

    How much of a time committment can I expect?
    It depends on the activity you want to sponsor. Student shadowing can be a single day commitment. Internships can last from two - six weeks. Service work depends on the activity you want us to help with. We can make working with our students fit your schedule. Each student activity will be unique so be assured that we are flexible in working with you. We are thankful for your interest in sponsoring our students and want to make this a positive experience for all.

    How will I know what to do with the students I am working with?
    Chelsea Center provides support and guidance throughout the experience. We have brief orientation session for our sponsors and provide detailed handbooks spelling out expectations so you will know what we expect from our students. You will also have a contact at Chelsea Center who can answer any questions or help with any other issues that arise.