Parent Advisory Committee

    The Webster Groves district PAC (Parent Advisory Committee) was formed by families who want to do everything in their power to see that children with disabilities and/or unique learning needs are not only educated effectively but afforded the dignity of belonging in our public schools.

    PAC representatives communicate regularly and directly with SSD and WG administrators about the needs and interests of students who have IEPs and 504 plans. Webster Groves also has one new representative to the SSD PAC, Gayle Jones.

    PAC Contacts

    Liaison   Email Address  
    Gayle Jones   dal-diva@swbell.net    
    Rebecca O'Laughlin rebeccamichellelinz@gmail.com  
    JJ Gossrau   jgosssrau@gmail.com    
    Dawn Fredman   dawn.fredman@gmail.com    
        (636) 498-1289    

    Administrative Contacts

    Director of Special Education
    Catina Lyles
    Email: CLLyles@ssdmo.org

    Area Coordinator 9-12
    Gloria Perry
    Email: gileonard@wgmail.org

    Area Coordinator 6-8
    Stephanie Berry
    Email: seberry@ssdmo.org

    Early Childhood Area Coordinator
    Stacy Sturdivant
    Email: smsturdivant@ssdmo.org

    Area Coordinator K-5 
    Joy Yowell
    Email: JLYowell@ssdmo.org


    Section 504 Coordinator 
    John M. Thomas
    314.918.4378, ext. 10992
    Email: thomas.johnm@wgmail.org