Equity in Education Committee Details

  • Meets: 

    6 times per year


    Kris Denbow – 961-1233

    Joe Hays - 963-6444

    JaNekka Hutchinson- 963-6425

    Hannah Peterson - 963-6433


    General Activities:

    • Monitor progress by analyzing District data toward closing the achievement gap;
    • Report district to the community progress on closing the gap and creating equitable learning and learning spaces;
    • Celebrate individuals, groups, and schools making significant contributions toward equity in learning and achievement;
    • Promote the sharing of information on best practices for enhancing learning for all;
    • Serve as a catalyst for community actions and resources directed toward equity and enhancing learning for all.

    Meeting Location:

    Webster Groves High School


     Meeting Dates:

    • October 30th
    • December 11th
    • January 29th
    • March 5th
    • April 16th


    Meeting Times: