• Role
    The role of the Equity in Education Committee is to act as an independent committee charged by the Board of Education to:

    • Monitor progress by analyzing District data toward closing the achievement gap;
    • Report progress on closing the gap to the Board of Education and the community;
    • Activate school-based committees focused on closing the achievement gap and enhancing learning for all;
    • Review action plans and school-based committee work toward closing the achievement gap;
    • Celebrate individuals, groups, and schools making significant contributions toward closing the gap;
    • Promote the sharing of information on best practices for enhancing learning for all and closing the achievement gap
    • Serve as a catalyst for community actions and resources directed toward closing the achievement gap and enhancing learning for all.

    The "GAP" is defined as lagging academic achievement among a disproportionate number of African American students - based on classroom performance, grade-point average, and standardized test scores - that is inconsistent with Webster Groves School District goals and community expectations for student proficiency.

    While the reasons for this trend are likely complex, historical, and national, inescapable is the fact that its consequences are local and require a concerted effort among school officials, staff, parents, students, community leaders, and volunteers to address and implement changes in patterns or norms that have traditionally tolerated or enabled underachievement.