• Sirius News and Updates for 12/9-12/13

    Posted by Kelly Williams on 12/9/2019 3:00:00 PM

    Team News:

     Look for information regarding the 27th Annual Team Sirius Feastival! Please turn in forms to Ms. Schmitt as soon as possible.

    Ms. Williams is in need of A LOT of clear, 2-Liter bottles.  We need about 100 for our ecobottle project.  Thanks!

     American History: This week in American History Students will be creating presentations on the Progressive Era. Students will learn the process from choosing a topic to creating subtopics and forming a presentation from start to finish. We will work on the project in class and will be due this Thursday before class. Students may be working on some portions of the project for Homework this week.


    ELA: We've completed our first reading unit and have begun our first writing unit, The Literary Essay.  Students will be developing their thinking and writing stamina through analyzing novels and short stories.  Ultimately, students will complete a comparison essay of two novels. 

    Reading Log #6 was assigned last Friday and is due this upcoming Friday, December 13, 2019. Reading Log #7 will be  due Thursday, December 19, 2019.

    Math:  Before we officially begin unit 3, Unit Rates and Percentages, we are doing a little pre-testing and playing with plotting points on a Cartesian plane. We advance this practice to all four quadrants by using negative numbers.

    I am meeting with students to go over Unit 2 Tests, which will be returned to you at conferences next week. Please ask your child to open up his school email and to show you the mail from me that has the return of the recent online computation test.

    I'm excited to begin this new trimester. Our team of students have come so far already. We have all the practices in place to tackle the content with depth and quality. 

    Science:  The kids get their Matter and Energy Tests back today.  They are bringing them home today to get signed.  Anyone who scored below proficiency (3) may retake a different version of the test.  In order to re-test, the following steps must be completed:

    1. Get parent signature and commit to re-test.

    2. Correct incorrect questions on a separate sheet of notebook paper and schedule a time to go over it with Ms. Williams.

    3. Schedule a retake date and time.

    In other news, we are going to begin building Eco-Bottles soon.  You will get more information in coming weeks.  In the meantime, we are going to need lots and lots of clear 2-Liter soda botttles.  (I would love to have 80 by Winter Break!)  Maybe you can volunteer to bring drinks to holiday get togethers?  When you send them in, please rinse them, remove the label, and send in the the cap too.  Thanks!


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