After-School Activities

  • Research indicates that students' involvement in after-school activities has a direct impact on their positive connection to school which results in higher attendance rates and stronger academic and personal success.

    At Hixson Middle School, we want our students involved and committed to their own success. We offer a variety of after-school activities throughout the school year to promote our students' growth and development.

    After-School Activities meet on Tuesday through Thursday until 4:15. Dates TBD.

    1st Quarter: 

    2nd Quarter: 

    3rd Quarter: 

    4th Quarter

    Descriptions of activities offered may be found by clicking on the category links to the left. In addition to the after-school activities sponsored, Hixson teachers offer after-school help sessions. Teachers will communicate the day(s) they are available after school. Students must be off campus by 4:30. Students who are consistently unable to make plans to leave campus by this time will not be able to participate in after-school activities. There will be a bus for our students who participate in the VICC program. Students' attendance, behavior, and/or grades may impact his/her ability to participate in after-school activities, as determined by the activity sponsor and school administration.