After-School Activities

  • Research indicates that students' involvement in after-school activities has a direct impact on their positive connection to school which results in higher attendance rates and stronger academic and personal success.

    At Hixson Middle School, we want our students involved and committed to their own success. We offer a variety of after-school activities throughout the school year to promote our students' growth and development.

    After-School Activities meet on Tuesday through Thursday until 4:15.

    1st Semester: September 3rd-December 12th

    No meeting dates October 8th-10th or November 26th

    2nd Semester: January 14th-May 7th

    No meeting dates March 10th-12th or March 17th-19th

    In addition to the after-school activities sponsored, Hixson teachers offer after-school help sessions. Teachers will communicate the day(s) they are available after school. Students must be off campus by 4:30. Students who are consistently unable to make plans to leave campus by this time will not be able to participate in after-school activities. There will be a bus for our students who participate in the VICC program. Students' attendance, behavior, and/or grades may impact his/her ability to participate in after-school activities, as determined by the activity sponsor and school administration.

    Please see descriptions of the after school activities offered for the 2019-2020 year. If you did not sign up through the online form or auditioned for an activity and were not selected, please visit the office to sign up.

    All Year Activities


    7th Grade Jazz Band: This ensemble will learn to play a variety of standard jazz styles including: Swing, Rock, and Latin. We will be using the standard jazz ensemble set up which is usually comprised of 5 Saxophones, 4-5 Trumpets, 3-4 Trombones, 1 Guitar, 1 Bass Guitar, 1 Piano, 1 Drum Set. (Auditions will be held before/after school on September 3-5.). The purpose of auditions is for Mr. Stevison and Mrs. Tokos to hear a sample of everyone’s playing ability in a jazz style. We may take a larger number of students depending upon audition results. See Mr. Stevison or Mrs.Tokos to schedule your audition.

    Genders/Sexualities Alliance: GSA is a student-led organization to promote a safe environment and open forum for issues affecting students. Our main purpose is to raise awareness and fight bullying.

    Math Club: Students will learn test-taking strategies as well as get the help they need with concepts taught in math class.


    A+ Tutoring: Looking for a little extra help with your homework? High school students will be coming to Hixson after school on Wednesdays to help you out. Who better to help you with schoolwork than students who have been through it before? Bring your homework, class materials, and a positive attitude.

    Best Buddies: Best Buddies fosters inclusive friendships by creating social opportunities within the school and community.

    Board Game Club: This club is a chance for students who want to learn and play a variety of board games and card games, as well as try challenging puzzles, as an alternative to more screen time.

    Hixson Honors Orchestra: Advanced extracurricular orchestra group offered for both 7th and 8th graders - audition required (Sept. 5th) See Mrs. Grubb to schedule your audition.

    Robotics Club: Students will learn about how to design and work with robots that can compete against opponents in a series of specific challenges.

    Running Club: Do you like running? Would you like to run track or cross-country in high school? Do you want to get in shape? Do you just want something to do? Come to running club!

    Stock Market Club: Students will invest $100,000 fantasy cash in the stock market each semester with the goal of making the most money from their portfolio. Students will compete against other middle schools to determine the winner each semester.

    Wind Ensemble: The Wind Ensemble is an auditioned concert band made up of 7th and 8th grade students. This ensemble plays a variety of challenging band literature including: classical, traditional wind band, and movie music. All concert band instruments including percussion are needed for this ensemble. Auditions will be held before and after school September 3-5. See Mr. Stevison or Mrs.Tokos to schedule your audition.


    8th Grade Jazz Band: This ensemble will play a variety of standard jazz styles including: swing, rock, Latin and funk. We will be using the standard jazz ensemble set up which is usually comprised of 5 Saxophones, 4-5 Trumpets, 3-4 Trombones, 1 Guitar, 1 Bass Guitar, 1 Piano, 1 Drum Set. Students must audition to join this group. Auditions will be held before and after school September 3-5. See Mr. Stevison or Mrs.Tokos to schedule your audition.

    Book Battle: Join the award-winning Hixson Book Battle Team! Participants will read 20 books and answer trivia questions in preparation for competition in May, which involves 43 other St. Louis-area schools!

    Boyz 2 Men: BOYZ 2 MEN introduces our middle school boys to positive role models plus provide the necessary tools they must have in order to succeed in the classroom plus in the community.

    Computer Games: This club gives students a chance to socialize outside of the classroom. They will have an opportunity to make new friends and compete against each other.

    Science Explo Club: Students will meet to explore assorted topics of interest including alternative energies, garden lab, tech options, and other topics of interest chosen by students.

    Student Character Council: Students will plan schoolwide social and community service events. Help make Hixson a better place!

    Voices of Hixson: This is open to all Hixson students who want to sing Broadway and popular music in harmony. Students will perform in 1 concert per semester (Winter and Spring). No audition necessary, but good attendance is a requirement.

    Activities that only meet part of the year

    Model UN (Tuesdays; 2nd semester): Want to solve the problems of the world? The Model UN is for you. Learn about different cultures and their problems and be a diplomat. Please see Mr. McGinnis for more information.

    School Play (Tuesdays-Thursday’s; 1st semester): Students will audition for the annual school play, “It’s Hard To Be A Kid”, an original play. Students can attend an informational meeting in the auditorium after school on Sept 4 or Sept 5. The meetings will be from 3:30-4. Auditions are open to all Hixson students regardless if they take drama. Only 15 to 20 students will be selected to be a part of the production after auditions. However, if students are not interested in being on stage, there will be a sign up sheet posted at a later date for backstage roles including costumes, props, set, lights, sound and stage crew.

    Volleyball (Wednesdays, 2nd semester): Students will be given the opportunity to improve volleyball skills and play volleyball games.