Arrival & Dismissal Procedures

  • Arrival Times

    • 7:50 - building opens for student arrival
    • 8:25 - 8th grade students are released to their lockers
    • 8:27 - 7th grade students are released to their lockers
    • 8:33 - two-minute warning bell
    • 8:35 - first period begins

    Students should be dropped off at the doors next to the cafeteria in the morning; these are the only doors that are open for student entrance. Please follow the route illustrated by the map below.Hixson arrival and dismissal map

    Dismissal Times

    • 3:25 - students being picked up by car or riding a bike are dismissed
    • 3:30 - students riding the bus or walking home are dismissed
    • 3:35 - all students should be off campus, unless attending an after-school activity

    If picking up your child, please follow the same route as the morning drop-off. Students will be dismissed through the main entrance doors.

    After-School Activities (Tuesday-Thursday)
    After-school activities run until 4:15. Students should be off campus by 4:30. Students who do not have arrangements to be picked up or walk home by 4:30 will not be allowed to attend after-school activities. Please use the morning arrival route when picking up child from after-school activites. There is an activity bus for VICC students.

    Hixson does not have an after-school supervision program like Adventure Club. Therefore, students should not be on campus after dismissal from the school day or after-school activities. Students are encouraged to walk to the Rec Center and be picked up at the Rec. We cannot have students unsupervised in the late afternoons as it is a critical safety and security issue.

    Thank you for your support in ensuring the safety of our students.