Library Info


    Library Hours 

    • Monday-Thursday 7:00 am - 3:30 pm
    • Friday 7:00 am - 3:00 pm
    • Library Computer Lab: Classroom use only 7:55 am - 2:35 pm


    • Mrs. Coblitz: Library Media Specialist 314-963-6400 ext. 11926
    • Mrs. Fogle: Library Media Specialist 314-963-6400 ext. 11928
    • Mr. Fitzgerald: Library Media Aide 314-963-6400 ext. 11926

    Library Use

    Students must have an individual pass to study in the library without a teacher except before or after school. When you enter the library please sign in on the computer and leave your pass at the circulation desk. If you leave the library before the end of the period please sign out and ask the library staff for your pass.

    Checking Out Materials

    • Your Library Account 

    Log in to your library account to manage your library materials. By using your computer login and password you can login to the OPAC to renew materials, keep personal lists, create works cited for your library materials, and more!

    • Books & Magazines 

    Books and magazines may be checked out for a two-week period from the date of check out. No more than six library items may be checked out at one times (this does not include your Enlglish texts). There will be a two-day grace period to return books/magazines after the due date without being charged a fine. Library fines are $.10 per day. If you wait until the third day to return your materials you will be charged a fine for the two grace days and any other days that the materials are still out, up to the cost of each book or magazine.

    • Reference Materials

    Reference materials may be checked out on an overnight basis during 6th/7th period or after school. Reference materials must be returned to the library before first hour the next school day. If they are not returned we will come and ask you for the material(s). Library privileges will be lost if reference materials are not returned. The fine on reference books is $.10 per day. 

    • Renewals

    Books and magazines may be renewed two times. You cannot renew items that are on hold for another student.


    No food is allowed in the library. Drinks are allowed, but please place them on the floor away from the computers/laptops.


    Students must get a monthly pass from a library staff member to visit the library during their lunch period. This pass will be checked as you exit the cafeteria. Please sign in on the Google form upon entering the libray. Please be respectful of classes working in the library. You are not guaranteed a computer during your lunch period. Classes and research passes have priority. 

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