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    If you're looking for information related to your child's class, click on the class he/she is enrolled in and you'll find the syllabus and general information about the course.  

    If you're looking for information related to your child's grade, go to the Portal.  Assignments, grades, and feedback will be there, so you can see how your child is progressing in my class.

    Google Classroom is the primary means of sharing information with students---they will be able to see the course calendar, assignments, due dates, videos, audio files, and projects.  

    Why learn a second language?  What's the point?  How does this translate to the classroom?

    Learning a second language is not only a skill, but it's a lifestyle!  It takes hard work, dedication, practice, and effort, but it is so worth it!  I firmly believe that learning a second language is more than vocabulary and grammar---it's history, culture, global perspectives, and a new way of understanding what it means to be a global citizen.  

    In my class students will have an immersive experience, and I focus on meaningful communcation, meaning that students will be able to internalize the language and become better communicators, and not just be able to "pass the test."  Langauge learning isn't about rote memorization---it's a skill which takes time to develop and a lifetime to master.  Students in my class show progress by demonstrating what they can do with the language in meaningful ways.  They will be able to apply what they learn in the real-world, and I hope to foster a love of langauge learning that goes beyond the classroom setting.  

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