Hixson Summer Learning 2020

  • Because of the ongoing concern around COVID-19, we will be offering Elementary and Middle School Summer School programming through Launch, an online learning platform, developed by the Springfield (MO) Public School system. All of the Launch classes are developed by Missouri educators and aligned to Missouri Learning Standards. You can learn more about Launch here. All sessions are completely free to families if you enroll in the classes through the Webster Groves School District.


    We will be providing both Enrichment and Academic Support Academies for our rising (grade child will be in the Fall of 2020) 1st-8th grade students. There are multiple opportunities for your child(ren) to participate throughout the summer. Children can sign up for a class(es) during one, two, or all three sessions.


    Launch will be held in three sessions throughout the summer. 

    Session 1 - June 3-30 (20 days)

    Session 2 - July 6-31 (20 days)

    Session 3 - Back to School Bootcamp-August 3-14 (Academic Support Academies only-10 days) 


    Middle School Enrichment classes are designed for a shorter period of time and are centered around high interest topics and interests. Again, students should not be in front of a screen the entire time.


    Elementary and Middle School Academic Support Academies are adaptive and will start instruction where a student is academically and continue to support them at their instructional level. Time recommended to be spent on these Academies vary.


    For Middle School children:

    For all three sessions, parents can sign up their child(ren) for up to two Enrichment and Academic Support Academies at a time.


    Signing Up

    Please use this link to sign your children up for the classes they will attend. It will be important to attend the sessions you enroll in since signing up and then not attending has a financial impact on the school district.


    A separate survey  must be filled out for each child you are enrolling.




    Below are the course descriptions:



    Enrichment - Middle School (Sessions 1 & 2)

    Grades 6-8 - Operation Innovation - Are you ready to rise up and be the voice of innovation for a cause? Join us as we explore your leadership potential and take action to make a meaningful impact on our world.


    Grades 6-8 - Game On! - Students will learn how to design their own video games; no prior experience necessary. Students will learn to write code using several different platforms and languages. There will also be an opportunity to visit an arcade.


    Grades 6-8 - Outdoor U - Do you love the outdoors? Learn about different ways you can experience and enjoy nature and acquire the skills you need to thrive in the great outdoors as you experience archery, fly-fishing, hiking, survival skills, and more. Students will visit various outdoor recreation areas each week. Bring your hiking boots!


    Grades 6-8 - Escape - See if you can create the best digital breakout and escape room to be the Escape! champion! During this course you will learn about Google suite applications, word games, challenges, create a digital breakout, and design an escape room. You will be provided with tips and tricks when building digital breakouts and escape rooms to create the most challenging games for participants.


    Academic Support Academies (Sessions 1 & 2) Bootcamp (Session 3)

    Launch Into Reading - Reading Plus is an online reading program for grades 6-12. Reading Plus assesses a student's reading capacity, and then provides personalized instruction that encourages independence, broadens interests, and builds knowledge. Your student can continue to increase reading skills online during the summer months. It is recommended that students spend 2 hours per week in the program. Additional learning platforms will be used during this time as well. 


    Launch Into Math - Manga High is an online mathematics program for grades 6 and up. Manga High’s games-based learning approach leverages the buzz and excitement of rewards and competition to engage students in their learning. Manga High uses artificial intelligence and adaptive questioning to assess a student’s knowledge in math and deliver individualized instruction based on what the student is most ready to learn. This personalized instruction builds tremendous learning momentum, helping students achieve success and confidence in their math abilities. Students entering 6th Grade Math through Trigonometry can continue to learn math online during the summer months.


    Launch Into Coding - This academy was created for all computer-loving kiddos. Students are assessed at their learning level and learn how apps and games are created, and they even have a chance to make their own video game! This academy is offered at both the elementary and middle school levels. 


    If you have any additional questions, please contact Tom Havrilka at havrilka.tom@wgmail.org