WGHS Clubs & Activities


    A Cappella
    Sponsor: Eric Dunn

    Meets: Room 321, Audition-only group

    Anime Club
    Sponsor: Skylar Garcia
    Meets: Room 385, Tuesdays after school

    Art Club
    Sponsor: Andy Throm
    Meets: Room 190, Tuesdays, 2:35-4:00

    Athletic Training Club
    Sponsor: Sean Wright
    Meets: Room 322,
    1st Thursday of the month, 7:30

    Sponsor: Jill Young
    Meets: Room 152, in class

    Best Buddies
    Sponsor: Evyn Spencer
    Meets: Room 114, 1st & 3rd Thursdays, 7:30

    Book Club
    Sponsor: Sandy Coblitz
    Meets: Library, Wednesdays, after school

    Branch Creative Writing Club

    Sponsor: Rita Chapman
    Meets: Room 214, Tuesdays, 2:45

    Chamber Music Club
    Sponsor: Jill Young / Jamie Burchett
    Meets: Room 181, Wednesdays, 2:35-3:35

    Sponsor: Molly Clark 
    Meets: Tryouts in Spring

    Chess Club and Team
    Sponsor: Jim Voelker
    Meets: Room 356, Wednesdays

    Sponsor: Tim Havis
    Meets: Choir Room, in class, after school

    Class of 2022
    Sponsor: Rachel Huertas
    Meets:Room, every other Wednesday, 2:45

    Class of 2023
    Sponsor: Kristen Cole
    Meets: Room, every other Wednesday, 2:45

    Class of 2024
    Sponsor: Ken Winingham
    Meets: Counseling Center, every other Wednesday, 2:45

    Class of 2025
    Sponsor: Lana Harter
    Meets: Room, every other Wednesday, 2:45

    Climbing Club
    Sponsor: Sean Wright
    Meets: Room 322, 2nd Thursdays, 7:30

    Cycling Club
    Sponsor: Jeff Stein
    Meets: Room 358, Tuesdays, 7:30

    Sponsor: Kathryn Laurentius/Kara Siebe
    Meets: Room 248E, Thursday mornings DATES TBA, 7:30

    Developing Game Design Club
    Sponsor: Marty Walter
    Meets: Room 009, Fridays, 2:40-4:00

    Sponsor: Todd Schaefer
    Meets: Drama room, Fridays TBD, 2:45

    Dungeons & Dragons
    Sponsor: Skylar Garcia
    Meets: Room, Wednesdays, 2:30-4:00

    ECHO Newspaper
    Sponsor: Donald Johnson
    Meets: Room 155, 4th hour

    Economics Club
    Sponsor: Jeff Smith
    Meets: Room 357, Fridays, after school

    Sponsor: Lauren Maedge/Amie Shea
    Meets: Room 228B, every other Thursday, 2:45

    Feminist Coalition
    Sponsor: Katie Guymon
    Meets: TBD

    Fishing Club
    Sponsor: Frank Mandernach

    Meets: Room 003, TBD, 2:45-3:30

    Flute Choir
    Sponsor: Jill Young

    Meets: Room 181, Mondays,2:35-3:45

    French NHS
    Sponsor: Jeff Stein

    Meets: Room 358, last Friday of the month, 7:30

    Future Leaders
    Sponsor: Jaime Schwartz

    Gardening Club
    Sponsor: Skylar Garcia
    Meets: Room 385, Tuesdays, 7:20

    German Exchange Club

    Sponsor: Brent Mackey
    Meets: Room 359, Wednesdays as needed, 7:15

    German National Honor Society
    Sponsor: Brent Mackey
    Meets: Room 359, Twice monthly, Fridays, 7:15

    Sponsor: Ken Winningham
    Meets: TBD, TBD

    History in Action Club
    Sponsor: Conner Katsev
    Meets: Room, Thursdays, 7:25

    Interact Club
    Sponsor: Dr. Kerry Arens
    Meets: Room, 1st & 3rd Tuesdays, 7:30

    International Club
    Sponsor: Richelle Stange
    Meets: Room, every other Tuesday, 2:45

    Junior Classical League / 
    Latin Club

    Sponsor: Jeff Smith
    Meets: Room 357, TBD, before/after school

    National Honor Society
    (by invitation)

    Sponsor: Amy Rowland
    Meets: PV Commons, 1st & 3rd Fridays, 7:15/2:45

    Pep Club
    Sponsor: Zach Smith
    Meets: Room 280, Tuesdays, 7:20

    Rock Climbing Club
    Sponsor: Sean Wright
    Meets: Auxiliary Gym, after school

    Scholar Bowl Teams
    (JV & Varsity)

    Sponsor: Jane Knittig
    Meets: Room, Tuesday & Thursday, 2:45-4:45

    Spanish Club
    Sponsor: Patrick Bommarito
    Meets: Room 362, Every other Wednesday, 7:20

    Sponsor: Diane Stromberg/Amy Shea
    Meets: FACS Dept., 5 times/year on Thursdays, 2:45
    Sept, Oct, Feb, & Mar; Apr, on Sophomore Learning Day

    Statesbots Robotics Club
    Sponsor: David Kraus
    Meets:Room 009, Tuesdays/Thursdays 3:00-5:00,
    Saturdays 11:00-3:00

    Statesmen Stars (Dance Team)
    Sponsor: Gwen Harris
    Meets: Tryouts in Spring

    Steam-Punk Club
    Sponsor: Skylar Garcia
    Meets:room 385, after school, days TBD

    STEP Team
    Sponsor: Courtney Jordan
    Meets: PV Commons, Tues, Wed & Thurs, after school

    Student Council
    Sponsor: Lauren Maedge
    Meets: PV Commons, every other Wednesday, 2:45

    Tri M Music National Honor Society
    Sponsors: Jill Young/Tim Havis
    Meets: Room 187, every other Wednesday, before school

    Video Game Club
    Sponsor: Skylar Garica
    Meets: Room, Mondays, 2:35-4:00

    Sponsor: Amie Keane, Jocelyn Reiss
    Meets: TBD, TBD